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    Hi everyone! I’m pregnant with my first child (and thrilled :smileyhappy:). I’m looking for advice on what to bring to the hospital. All of the parenting sites I’ve visited give very LONG lists of things to bring…they seem rather excessive! Do you have any advice on must-have items that I might not think of? I’d love to hear from you all who have been there…Thank you!


    Other than changes of clothes and some toiletries I would say: bring snacks that you know you like and food for your husband if he is staying the whole time (hospital cafeterias can get pricey and are open odd hours), a sent that is calming (peppermint oil or lavender oil etc) that you can put on a washcloth and have fanned for you during labor, a pillow and blanket for hubby (I learned that one with our first), the outfit you want baby to come home in AND the one you want hospital pictures in, and entertainment (DVDs, iPod, CDs) something for you and hubby for the times when nothing is happening before and after the birth.  Those are the essentials that we found helped with our two babies.



    Clothes for you (and agree something you want pics in when you leave, but also something comfy but presentable for visitors)

    Outfit for the baby to go home in

    Depending on your size, a nursing bra or tank if you plan to do this

    Video Camera


    Cord Blood Kit (if you are doing this)

    iPod with playlists (if you want this for during or post delivery – I found it a nice distraction during delivery and nice to put on songs at night when the baby woke)

    Slippers/Comfy Socks (if you don’t want to walk around your room barefoot)

    Colace (they will give you some at the hospital but you can never have enough!)

    A photo if you want for babies crib (our first we put a picture of the dog and us on the outside of the crib)

    Your favorite pillow and/or blanket

    A parenting book (although I never had a chance to pick these up)

    You will actually be pretty busy so you may not find time to do much reading.  Most hospitals offer classes for bathing to nursing to basic care so in between visitors, nurse check-ins and classes, you’ll have very little free time (unless you deliver via c and are there longer)

    Good luck and congratulations!!!  Make sure you track your pregnancy as I found it really helpful with baby #2 to see if we were on track.



    I’d say to bring all of the above suggestions, and also a photo or item that you’d like to use as a focal point while in labor. An item which means alot to you, i.e.; a photo of a parent or grandparent or special loved one, a locket, a prayer verse…anything that will calm you and allow you to focus on the arrival of your baby while you are in labor.

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    I never would have thought to bring snacks – good one! And I love the idea of a photo to put near the baby at the hospital. So cute. 🙂

    Are maternity clothes the way to go for the "going home" outfit? Or just something a bit billowy? If only I could go right back to my pre-pregnancy size after the birth! Haha. Wishful thinking!


    Maternity clothes.  Not so much the top but definitely the pants.  You’ll be in maternity pants for awhile.  Think the pants you wore around month 4-6 depending on how your body snaps back.  And same with the tops although more like month 3-4 of maternity clothes.  You want to be cute for pictures but comfy!

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    Thanks, Mary! Maternity clothes it is… Extra motivation to get back to some good exercising after the little one arrives. :smileyhappy:


    You’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions – I second the snacks!

    Oh, and I packed a generously sized yet fashionable sweat suit to wear home from the hospital (it was winter both times)– so comfy!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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