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how to deal with a schizophrenic mother in law?

Home Forums Family Fun & Activities how to deal with a schizophrenic mother in law?

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    By profession I am a teacher and married for 1 and a half year.After my marriage I had a tough time with my mother in law like others.But when few months later,by chance I came to know that I am staying with a schizophrenic mother-in-law,I was absolutely clueless that how to deal with the situation because before marriage nobody informed me or my family that she is suffering from this disease.When i asked my husband about that,he told me to try to adjust with her mother.But i don’t know how to deal with her disorganized thinking and speech,suspiciousness,Strange use of words or way of speaking and Odd or irrational statements.

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    Amrita, that sounds like such a tough situation to be in! I feel for you. You know, in many areas they often have support groups for the family members of people who suffer from vaious psychological conditions. Have you ever looked into that? You might find one through a local hospital network. Groups like that can provide support and advice for people dealing with family members with those issues. Might be helpful!


    Thanks indeed for your suggestion.i will definitely try to find out such orginaztion in my locality.


    Richard Bianchi

    I really need help! My future mother-in-law has an illness that has gone undealt with for entirely too long. I knew that her personality was off but up until last night, my engagement party, I thought I could get past it. I could not be more in love with my fiance and to be honest my decision on what to do here would be far simpler if I weren’t. My mother in law, Nina, spent the night going from table to table speaking in coherently, making outlandish claims, and speaking poorly of her daughter. She seems to know the exact thing that should NOT be said and can not help herself but to say it; tell gay men about AIDS, my fiance’s business associates about her weaknesses, telling my family that she controls me and my fiance etc…Making things worse she needs to monopolize a conversation, leaving no opportunity for others to speak, with incoherent nonsense; speaking of lighting candles, job searching, the ocean etc… My fiance does not deny that she has a mental disease however it seems like there is trepidation to get her help because medication may have been used in the past possibly? making her unresponsive/numb? Not sure where to go from here, I know that she will never be normal but is it possible to get her to point where I’m no longer embarrassed?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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