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How to Get Your Child to Love to Learn

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    We all want the best for our children, but what is the best?  When you raise a child who loves to learn the doors of opportunity open wide.  Check out the link below to hear the latest Bright Horizons parent webinar about Growing a Learner.



    This Webinar was fantastic. Everyone should listen. You’re already doing more to grow a learner than you might think!


    Agreed! This webinar was a great resource especially for this busy working mom. The biggest takeaway for me was discovering the learning opportunities in everyday activities I already do with my child. One of the suggestions was playing iSpy during commuting time. We do this all the time in the car and while waiting in restaurants. We mostly give clues around color and shape – I love the suggestion of clues that start with a certain letter or sound. I’m going to try that next time.


    My favorite tip from the webinar was the empty the dishwasher and sort the silverware.  It really is easy to incorporate basic math skills and help out in the kitchen.


    I was amazed at how easy it is to encourage learning through everyday activities. Things I never considered ‘educational’ really are just that! Even the smallest things, like splashing in the bathtub, teach little ones important lessons like cause and effect. 

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    Rita Murphy

    Love the suggestions about sorting activities! So easy to encourage and something my child can do in just about every room of my house.


    You are so right.  There’s sorting to do in every room in the house.  Laundry is my fav.  Match the socks, then sort by owner.


    The webinar was a great reminder that sometimes I don’t give my preschooler enough credit!  He’s perfectly capable of helping out with chores, and we can use the chores as learning tools.  Win-win!


    Don’t you just love those win/win situations?  Our 5 year old set the most beautiful table for our Mother’s Day celebration this past weekend.  She carefully chose each piece (Fiesta plates in all different colors…she chose a special color for each family member) and she was so proud when she was done.  So much thinking going on in her head while she worked on the table. 


    Awh man! Too bad I just joined the BH Community. I’m too late! I’m so sad that I missed this webinar! From the takeaway tips that everyone has posted it sounds like it was phenomenal. It is so crucial to uphold the inmportance of learning through play especially in today’s social climate with so much pressure for testing, worksheets, and standardization at such young ages. Webinars like this one will help parents to relax and know that they don’t need Kumon, flashcards, and the latest ed prep software for their little ones to learn and learn well. Any chance that this webinar will run again so I can catch it??? 😀

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)

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