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Ideas please for dealing with separation anxiety

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    3 year old boy (nearly 4) that has fits and cries constantly when mom is away. We’ve tried pictures of mom to carry with him, a favorite item, and practicing at home: "mom is going to go outside for one minute and will be right back" nothing seems to stop his sobbing when he cannot see mom.

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    I found constantly telling my daughter my whereabouts helped.  I would tell her when I was going potty, going in the kitchen, going upstairs and always offered her to join.  I wouldn’t carry her with me, so if she wanted to walk upstairs with me, she had to walk.  A few times walking up and then right back down (because I was just grabbing something quickly) and she settled down a bit.  We then transitioned to her yelling "mom" when she didn’t see me to me saying "what" and her saying "i love you".  So we started that game, anytime I left the room I would call her name and just say "I love you."  She sleeps with my sweetshirt at night, although is less dependent on it now.  The separation anxiety can be so trying on you as a mom because its really frustrating to have to announce everytime you need to go pee!  It will get better though so hang in there.


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    Hi Annie TWaldow. There was a great article on separation anxiety in last week’s edition of e-family news. I’ve included a link below so that you can take a look. It includes some very helpful tips and ideas!


    Tips for Reducing Separation Anxiety in Young Children

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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