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I’m a new mom and I need energy!

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    I’m a first time mom and wow, am I tired! I’m up several times a night with my baby, just started back at work, and am having trouble staying awake throughout the day. Are there any strategies for boosting my energy level during the day (aside from large quantities of caffeine?!). All suggestions welcomed…


    Awh wow, yes I can totally relate! Here are some tips that helped me out:

    Try something with protein in the morning (i.e. an egg however you like it) and at those low points during the day (i.e. an apple slice with peanut butter or a protein bar). Protein is supposed to give you an energy boost that lasts longer than caffeine.

    Try fruits or fruit smoothies for a sugar high that’s natural (that way your sugar doesn’t totally spike and then bottom out like it does with candy) I am a total Jamba Juice fan!

    Try to keep healthy snacks that pack a punch near your desk. Snacking helps me stay awake but you want to make sure it’s not empty-pack-on -the-pounds kind of snacking (i.e. trail mix with nuts and dried berries).

    Try exercise. Surpirsingly exercise in short bursts doesn’t tire you out; it actually can energize you. So try a brisk walk after lunch, a quick jog on the treadmill, or a quick spinning class (I found after lunch to be the hardest time of the day so getting moving helped me especially if it was crisp and cold outside. the punch of cold air helped refresh me. luckily i worked at the Y so I could use the treadmill or the bikes int he cycling room when the weather wasn’t good outside)

    Try lots of cold water.  I mean to drink… not just to splash on your face 🙂 Staying hydrated also helps you stay awake.

    And add some B vitamins to your diet. Vitamin B is also an energy booster.

     Hope this helps! And hang in there…The sleepless nights don’t last forever! 😀

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    Great suggestions! The healthy snacking is something I struggle with, so I’m definitely going to put in more effort there. Are there certain snacks you find are easy to keep handy at your desk (but not bad for you!)? I’ve tried those 100 calorie packs…but they never tend to be filling enough.


    i think the best way to help with healthy snacking it to pre-prepare a large batch of something and have it on hand. That way when the craving hits you don’t have to worry about scrambling for something; it’s already there and easy to grab.

    Things high in fiber and fat (the healthy fat) tend to be filling and things high in protein.

    Trail mix I find is the easiest thing to prepare in a large batch (you can store it in a jar in the frig if it has dried fruits, or in a air tight jar the pantry if it doesn’t) Then you can just keep the jar on your desk at work. For trail mix you can literally throw any dried fuit and nut combo that you like together and it’s a good as gold. I like dried mangos and prunes (chopped up), almonds, and honey nut cheerios (weird combo.. i know… but works for me! :-D)

    Also anything dipped in humus i find to be a healthy filling combo (pita chips and humus, baby carrots and hummus, celery sticks and humus… i could go on and on… :-D) And they have lots of flavors of humus now. If you are not a fan of the plain kind there’s sun dried tomato, garlic and herbs, spicy, etc.

    And lastly fruits. Try keeping a basket of fruits on your desk. I find apples are easiest to keep on hand. Bananas too…

    Anyway hope this helps! 😀

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    I’m adding hummus and the makings for trail mix to my grocery list right now! Thanks, theteachermom. :smileyhappy:


    This is an interesting article I read recently: "6 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally"

    It reiterates a lot of the tips that were given in this thread! Lots of water, fruits, veggies and protein seem to be they key.


    Priscilla Matos

    Is your child having sleep issues throughout the night? Is your LO not sleeping? I experience a terrible time when I just would get no rest and it was because our daughter REFUSED to sleep without the swaddle and we tried every trick in the book. The crying it out method was just ruining me and my hubby!She just hated having her arms free and would scratch herself to bits.  I finally tried the Zipadee-Zip and was super skeptical that it would even work since literally nothing else had and to my utter shock, she slept 12 hours the first night in it!  Crazy!  I guess the resistance in the arm span is what gives her the feeling of being swaddled and soothes her startle reflex but the star shape gives her the ability to push up and roll over.  She couldn’t safely roll in the swaddle and when she’d break free, I’d find the loose fabric over her face which terrified me!  The Zipadee-Zip ( is where I found it) gave her the security to be able to sleep swaddle free which means I SLEPT TOO!!!  Thank goodness for this thing!


    Priscilla Matos

    Any update on your energy levels, did any of the suggestions make a difference? I am currently going through similar energy levels. Even though my childs sleep has drastically improved after months of training him with his sleeping cycles, and using various sleep aid options.

    Do you have any feedback?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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