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    Has anyone tried baby signing? I’m going to start with my son (8months) doing some basic signing and would love to hear advice from others. What signs were easiest? Did your baby pick up on it easily? How did you go about teaching them?


    We signed with our daughter when she was about 8-10 months. We started with signs for basic needs such as "eat",  "more"  and "all done" for when we were feeding her. We also used "please" and "thank you" very often. When she was a little older we had a set that included a book and flash cards that she really enjoyed. It wasn’t this set but very similar.

    We also started her early with a caregiver and me music class where they did a lot of signing along with the music. Signing was super helpful during the stage when she couldn’t communicate with words yet. Wish we kept up with it!


    I was amazed by infant sign language! I didn’t do a formal class, but we did practice basic signs (more, tired/sleep, eat, etc.). It’s unbelievable how quickly the smallest of children learn.


    RitaMurphy3 wrote:

    Has anyone tried baby signing? I’m going to start with my son (8months) doing some basic signing and would love to hear advice from others. What signs were easiest? Did your baby pick up on it easily? How did you go about teaching them?

    We started Sign language with our baby, now a toddler when she was around 10 months old.  We swear by the Baby Signs DVD’s collections (we own about 7 or 8 DVD’s, from teaching sign language for Mealtime, Getting Dressed, Bath Time etc).  Our little one would watch the DVD’s in the car whenever we travel by car, she still does, and she loves them!  She now knows about 15 different signs and picks up on new ones very easily (some signs she knows and uses often are eat, drink, more, all done, cat, do, hat, shoes, socks, diaper, sleep, bird, etc).  This has been extremely helpful since infants are not able to communicate by words; she’s just starting to learn new words but still uses sign language.  We hope to keep up with it.  We learned the signs by watching the DVD’s with her, and reading the easy reference sign language booklet that comes with the starter set, I believe it was around $40 at Babies’rus and the DVD’s we have bought at Babiesr’us and at Target for $12 on average.  Good luck!  🙂


    Caty Trio

    Hi all – the Bright Horizons twitter account just linked to a great article on infant sign language. This might help you get some ideas on starting sign language with you baby.


    BrightHorizons: RT @ Interested in baby sign language? Here are some tips on getting started.  


    I did a class with my 6 month old — 6 1-hour classes.  Covered bath, meals, colors, etc.  What I would recommend is to learn American Sign Language (ASL) instead of "baby sign language".  Baby sign language apparently uses easier signs, but the ASL signs are simple, too.  If you’re going to do something, you should do it right — who knows, ASL could come in handly later on, and baby sign language isn’t really a language beyond the baby years.

    Here is a great site to find signs:

    Have fun!


    We did baby signs and still do … She loved the videos and it really worked. I started her watching them when she was 3 months old… Better than the regular TV and like I said she loved them!!! Baby signs works.


    I realize this is an old post and I hope you are having fun teaching your child sign language!?

    I started teaching my children around 6 months and by 10 months they were signing more, milk, all done and bath. I continued to teach them until they were both 2yrs old. I was pretty passionate about the benifits of sign language, and recently designed and illustrated a childrens picture book, “Creative Hands – Animals” that shows how to ‘sign’ each animal using ASL (American Sign Language). You can purchase it online at,, You can visit and click on the Google Preview to see a couple pages of the book as well.

    I’m excited to share my work and hope you and your family enjoy learning sign language as much as I enjoyed teaching mine and creating this book.


    Thanks! I did take an introductory class and really enjoyed it. I’d love to keep learning more about sign language and can see how you became so passionate! I’ll definitely check out the book, thank you for the suggestion. :smileyhappy:


    That’s awesome…my kids really had fun with it and I know were able to communicate so much earlier. Before Ryan could talk I dropped him off at Bright Horizons one morning and he started to cry and signed "All done"…it was sad but I was so excited he could communicate his feelings.  : )

    Thanks Rita…I hope you like it!

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