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Is anyone using tablets with your little ones? How are they playing with it?

Home Forums Early Education Is anyone using tablets with your little ones? How are they playing with it?

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    I was just wondering if your little ones are making the most of mobile devices?

    Any of you worried about screen time?


    My son uses our family’s iPad and my iPhone sometimes. I try to limit his screen time as much as possible…but it can be hard! Especially when I’m using those tech tools as a distraction – like in a restaurant, in line at a store, etc. So, I can’t say I have that part down just yet.

    I try to only have my son play with apps that have somewhat of an education slant. There was a great conversation here on the community awhile back where people offered some pretty cool suggestions for apps to try:


    I highly recommend checking out the BabyFirstTV apps – – they have some excellent ones that our little one loves, fun and educational!

    Mary Beth

    Mother of Rafael, an energetic 1 year old.

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    We do have a lot of gadets in our house – ipad, iphone, e-readers. It can be hard to limit screen time, but as long as the time spent with the screen is mostly for educational reasons, I can justify it more easily. My daughter (school age) does a lot of reading on our e-reader and ipad. So, that’s a good way to involved kids with tech and screens in a more educational way.


    My son (almost 4) uses our iPad, and even plays games on the Wii and XBox using a controller. My son is also very well rounded- plays outside, reads, draws, plays board games, does pretend play- you name it!

    I cannot tell you how great the iPad is – as well as the other video consoles. He has learned so much. Not only from educational apps, but also from the standard video games – which I feel are educational as well.

    1. He learns hand/eye coordination and dexterity
    2. He learns cause/effect (What happens when I do this, push this button, go here in the game?)
    3. He learns critical thinking (I want to go to that spot in the maze, how do I get there? I want to get to the next level in the game, what do I need to do?)
    4. He learns his ABCs, math, spelling, reading, writing (Whatever you want to learn, there’s an app for that!)
    5. He gains confidence and learns independence (He can choose which game he wants to play from the selections we have. He can play the games by himself if he wishes and learns through doing – not through being told what to do.)
    6. Speaking of #5, he’s fun to play with and is a good sport even when he "fails" – he knows it’s part of the game.
    7. And, playing video games with him can be a bonding experience. It’s fun to play together!

    I think, like the saying goes, everything in moderation. But I tell you, a lot of good can come from playing games – educational or otherwise – either on a tablet or through a console. HAVE FUN!!!! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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