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    I’m busy this morning with all the last minute tasks before I leave on a business trip. I’m wondering how many of my pre-flight tasks are necessary. What do you do for your family before you head out of town? Meals? Clothes? Schedules?



    I find that happens too.  My husband says it’s a special treat for him to take the kids out by himself.  Less work for me + more fun for them = win/win.

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    Before heading out of town I definitely do lots of preparation, and of course it depends on how long I will be gone!  I always leave out outfits for my daughter every day so its easier to get her ready in the morning.  I map out what should be packed for her lunches, what she should be eating for breakfast & dinner and have non-refridgerated/frozen foods left out for easy access.    Leaving a list of important numbers & where you will be is also key.  Lastly, I make sure my daughter has a picture of me because she loves to look at it while we are talking on the phone.  My sitter even once told me she made me watch Elmo with her 🙂

    In a case like this, I don’t believe less is more.  I think the more organized and informaiton you have, the easier it will be on your child’s caretaker.  You can never be overprepared or too cautious when it comes to your baby!


    I think I will do less "leaving for business trip prep" moving forward. The last time I made meals for two nights and when I returned, the food was still in the fridge as  the boys ate out both nights.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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