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    My daughter is 2.5, and I want to start involving her in more of our household chores in a way that she will enjoy it, learn, and continue them throughout the years.  The basics of cleaning up, organizing, washing dishes, etc.  Right now, I play a clean-up game where she gets rewarded with a sticker when she cleans up her toys.  She enjoys stuffing clothes in her drawers after laundry is done.  Any other tips or tricks to involve kids with household duties?



    Great question!  Bright Horizons just aired a parent webinar on this very topic.  You can access the recording of the webinar by clicking the link below.  You’ll find oodles of suggestions.  My favorite way to get children interested in cleaning is to assign them a color. Then I tell them they should put away only the things that have that color on them.  I take a color too so we can clean up together.  Done in no time. :smileyhappy:—How-to-Involve-Your-Child.aspx

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    Music and dancing always make chores more pleasurable for me so I try to make clean-up time fun with music and even some silly dancing. I think it’s also important to find chores that are appropriate or interesting to your child’s age. When my daughter was learning matching in her center she was naturally excited about sorting the socks in the laundry. She still loves to do that but now also likes to help fold as her motor skills have gotten better. We take a lot of cues from what she is learning at her center and incorporate those skills into chores and other fun activities.


    Sometimes I incorporate music into clean up.   I tell my son we have to do a silly dance as we put the toys away.

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    When my daughter sets the table she get to decide where we each sit…and how to fold the napkins.


    Erica Boos

    I set a timer and make it a race to see how much they can get done in a set amount of time. Amazing what they can do in 15 minutes!


    Caty Trio

    Make clean-up time a game! Put on some fun music and have a dance party while cleaning up.


    Timmy MacDonald

    We make a game out of it. I.e. Who can put the most toys in the bin in 30 seconds – daddy vs. son. Clean-up is fun when it’s a game…for the kids anyhow!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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