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Managing Your Child's Artwork

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    Allison Fraser

    I keep EVERYTHING my child brings home from school – from scribbles on little scraps of paper, to assembled masterpieces. I can’t bear throwing anything away with the thought that when she’s older it will be fun to look at. The stuff isn’t organized, it’s in various places, drawers, bags and piles around my entire house. Any tips for storage, displaying or organizing all of this art work? How do I decide what I should keep or get rid of? Help or advice would be great!

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    Jessica Sweeney

    I read somewhere once that it is helpful to decrease clutter while maintaining the memories of the child’s growth and development by taking pictures of each piece of artwork and at the end of a certain period of time (such as the end of the year) make a photobook of the pictures. Then get rid of the artwork. I have started taking pictures but I haven’t been very organized about the process. Hopefully this is something that appeals to you!

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    Alice Daer

    We use an app called ArtKive, which you can read about here –

    We love it and it cuts back on clutter! Plus we can make little books of the images later (when we get around to it, that is).


    Jillian Bergman

    My husband and I had a large wall in the kids’ game room that was going unused. We bought a garden trellis from Lowes for about $20, glued clothes line clips on the lattice, and hung it on the wall. We can keep about 2 – 3 weeks worth of artwork for 2 kids on there at a time. For the art that I really enjoy and want to save, I have an over-sized portfolio dedicated for each kid, tabs separated by year. You can buy it on Amazon at I plan to give the kids their portfolios when they graduate from high school.

    Last year I scanned in my favorite art pieces from my pre-schooler and made a book for her grandparents. I think that’s the best way to save the memories, but it’s fun to have recent art on display as well.


    Marsha Ade

    I’m a teacher for Bright Horizons and I suggest to my parents to take pictures of them and out them on a CD. I also have grandchildren and framed some for wall hangings.


    I read in a parenting magazine about displaying your children’s artwork in the garage. My children are now a senior in high school and a junior in college and I still have their artwork from elementary school on up displayed in the garage it’s wonderful to look at it and I get compliments all the time on what great little artist they were.



    Try recycling artwork into cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper for family and friends. Who wouldn’t LOVE to get an extra fancy card or wrapped gift for their birthday or holiday?!


    Julia Mooney

    I use an app called Keepy. It is free and you can take a picture, or multiple pictures of an art project, then title it, date it, add category tags like “family” “schoolwork” “holiday” etc. then either save just to keepy, or save to keepy and post to facebook, twiiter, etc. You can add multiple children’s profiles to your account then tag the child, or children if it was a joint project, to the artwork.
    The only problem I have is with the free app you get only 9 keepies a month and my son churns out more than that in one Saturday. I think its only a few dollars to upgrade to umlimited so Ive just taking pictures of everything to upload later at the start of a new month while I decide if I want to pay for it.
    Oh, and You can also add friends or family members as “followers” and they get notification of the posts you make and can “like” or comment much like facebook. My mother, my son’s Mimi, comments on every single picture I post and he loves when my phone lights up with a notification of a comment from her. I think he’s starting to think he is famous or something lol.


    Kristi Scott

    Ask your child about their artwork and write down what they say. Take a picture of the masterpiece and scrapbook it along with their comments.

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