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Maternity leave – outing or activity ideas with baby?

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    Hi all,

    I’m on maternity leave right now with my first child. I love being a new mom, but I have to admit…I’m a little bored. After all the excitement of the birth and the days that followed, things seem SO quiet now.  I appreciate the down time, but am wondering if you have suggestions for good outings to go on with my new little girl? On days without visitors, it’s just the two of us in the house all day and I’m going a bit stir crazy! Are there actvities we can do together? Infant-friendly places to go? Would love some suggestions… Thanks!

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    Media Mom

    On my recent maternity leave I would try to take 4-5 mile walks each day. I would walk 2 miles each way to Starbucks or to CVS or the grocery store, even if it ws just for a tiny little errand I could have done in 5 minutes in the car. It’s good exercise, good training for dealing with your baby on the go (as in, what do you do when you’re two miles from home with no car and your baby won’t stop fussing), and it fills up some time.

    And when the weather is bad, the mall, as lame as it seems, is very baby friendly. You could even start your holiday shopping now.


    I found when I was on my first maternity leave the trouble was that there was no structure or routine to my day, like there was at when I was at work. Without a plan of action, my day just seemed to stretch on and on. It was boring to say the least, until I made up a little schedule… Not anything rigid, but just enough to make me feel productive, keep the days moving and also create enrichment for my little bundle o’ joy. I suggest: 1. make a ittle activity schedule for the baby that fits in between naps and feedings: a few minutes for being read aloud to (never too early to start a good reading habit),  for tummy time, for playing on in a bouncer or swing (if you little on is old enough for these items), for playing with rattles, squeeze toys and teethers time, etc. (not all at once, space out the activities, i.e. tummy time in the am, read alouds in the pm, etc.) 2. Then add to the schedule some Mommy time, time to read your own fav books, to listen to music, to catch up on chores, to take a nice long bath/shower. 3. And definately scedule in so time to spend outside. A walk around the neighborhood in the morning, a stroll to the park in the evening.  Go visit the children’s room in the library, the kids section of the book store. The bright colors will attract your little one and you can start building up a kiddie library for your home. Plus visit some places geared towards you, i.e. museum, the cafe. No reason why baby can’t tag along to those places. 4. And finally spend lots of time talking to your little one. It might seem nuts to carry on a one-sided conversation with an infant but the more language exposue your little one has the better. Sorry for the super lengthy reply, but I hope this was at least helpful. And congrats on the new babe! 🙂

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    Blog Editor

    Activities to do with a young infant are few and far between.  I found myself going to the mall a lot.  I had read that various settings provided good visual stimulation and that infants don’t need much activity to tire them out so that’s what I did.  I think at around 2 or 3 months, I took an infant yoga class.  This was great because I met a few moms and there was a bakery right there so after class myself and the other moms sometimes grabbed muffins or even lunch.  Music is another one you can do at this early age.

    These early stages are really really tough.  I found myself often frustrated that I was lucky if I could make a salad for dinner, let alone accomplish anything else so my suggestion is get out of the house.  For a class, to go to the grocery store, whatever.  I used to spread out my errands so as not to hit all the stores in one day!  I would also suggest that you do things that you like, your baby won’t judge!

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    Thanks for the great ideas – keep them coming! I especially like outings that involve walking or some sort of exercising. It’s great for staying entertained while working off some of that baby weight. I appreciate everyone’s help and feedback – thank you!


    Caty Trio

    Hi BrandNewMommy, 


    I thought you might find this interesting – the most recent e-family news article was on building a relationship with your baby! It contains some good activity ideas for bonding with baby. Particularly, check out the additional resources at the bottom of the article.


    e-family news: Building Relationships with Babies

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