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Need protein ideas: My toddler won’t eat meat

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    My son is starting to demonstrate some really picky eating habits. Lately,, he is refusing to eat meat. He loves carbs and is pretty good about eating fruits and veggies, but meat? No way. I need to get some more protein in him. Anyone experience this with your kids? What did you do?

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    Jennifer Boggs

    My 3 year-old daughter is funny about chicken, beef, or anything "meat." Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she just can’t stand it. If your toddler doesn’t have allergies, peanut butter is a good stand-by. I put it in a roll-up, or sometimes in a sandwich, then take a cookie cutter to it for more fun (what we won’t do to get our kids to eat ;-).

    A little cottage cheese or Greek yogurt (with or without fruit for either) on the side always seems to be a win. Good luck!


    My son likes: quinoa (a protein-rich grain that cooks quickly in a pot of boiling water or can be mixed into granola or baked goods), hard boiled eggs, beans (black, pintos, and cannellini… but if you go this route make sure to mash your beans a little bit so that he will digest them,… otheriwse they end up coming out in diapers the same way they went in so all the nutrional value is lost..) and fish (tuna salad and salmon burgers are winners around here,… but make sure to watch how much of this you give and where it comes from so as not to expose your child to mercury that may be in some fish)

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    Peanut butter is big in our house, too. Eggs are always good. Also, some yogurts can have a good amount of protein in them – just check the nutrition facts.

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    Hey Rita,

    All those suggestions I have tried in my home as well, and they were amazing! I want to ask does he not like meat? or just becoming picky with food?


    In the past, he’s been a pretty good eater! He’s picky about very few things and has been very willing to try foods, which I think is half the battle! This meat thing is new… But there’s been a lot of great ideas on this thread! Thank you!

    I’m going to keep trying meat with him, though. Might just be a phase.


    My daughter is the same way so I make her green smoothies with tofu. Her favorite is when I put cubed tofu at the bottom, kale or spinach with vanilla almond milk and blend. Then I add honeydew melon and bananas and blend. Serve with a colorful straw and call it slime. I sometimes add coconut water, or use cows milk. Experiment with different fruits that fits your sons taste.

    I also process pitted dates with raw almond butter and coconut shavings and ball it up. Good luck!



    Neicey Wilson

    My 2yr old doeschool not eat meat at all.. she loves vegetables especially spinach and fruits and stuff but when it comes to meet she is not having it at all… she is allergic to nuts and eggs as well as fish so I’m kinda stuck on how and what to feed her in replace of the protein… So can anyone else offer me some kind ofideas or suggestions…. Plz

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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