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    My daughter is still 1.5 years away from Kindergarten but I wanted to get some advice from Kindergarten parents out there. My daughter’s birthday is in October and will be almost 6 years old when she enters K. I worry that she will not be challenged given her older age and the fact that she will have been in all-day preschool/child care for 3 years. I’ve read that the children all catch-up by 2nd grade. In my gut I feel the solution is to work closely with her Kindergarten teacher to make sure her skills are being broadened.

    Anyone been in this situation and care to share their experiences?


    Erica Boos

    It is very common these days to find several older children in a K class. Working closely with the teacher to be sure your daughter is challenged is definitely the key to success.


    My daughter is a December birthday and will be in the same boat (as I was with my September birthday).  At 3 and half she already knows all of her letters and sounds and counts to 50+ but has 2.5 more years before Kindergarten and no option to start the year before no matter how ready she is.  I plan to work closely with her teacher and be very proactive about setting up challenges for her so that she doesn’t get bored and have behavior issues like I did.  As it becomes more common to have children coming from Kindergarten level daycare experiences, most Kindergarten classes tend to be prepared to meet the diverse needs of the children.

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    Tracy Alt

    Hi there! I understand your situation completely!! As a parent, first grade teacher, and a kid who was young in school (started college at 17 young!) I suggest you go with your gut feeling. Many teachers will tell you to wait b/c it is VERY tough to teach immature children who are not developmentally ready to learn & do what is expected. As a parent you want your child challenged in school but also want them to be successful. This can’t all fall on the teacher. You need to decide at home how you can also help your child and what is
    Truly best for them. Finally I think you should look at your child’s future in school. Do you want them to be a young HS student w/ 18 yr old influences or do you want them to be those older influences and maybe be able to make better more mature choices for their future? I HATED starting college at 17 b/c the average age at my school was 25. I was so young compared to all the people in my classes it was uncomfortable. I was however ready for school & my mom made the right choice in kindergarten. You have a very tough choice ahead of you. Just know you always do the best you can as a parent! Best of luck and please forgive any grammar & spelling errors. It’s tough to write on a phone, cook, play & parent all at the same time. As I’m sure you too fully understand! 🙂

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    Blog Editor

    So true, Ericab!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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