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Potty training too early?

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    Our daughter is 14 months old and has been exclusively cloth diapered from (basically) birth.  At about 12 months she started notifying us when she had to poop and we began having her go on a small plastic potty chair.  Now she usually goes on the potty in the morning and often after naps.  Some nights she will go all night without peeing and then go in the potty.  Other days she has gone about 8 times on the potty!

    We just asked daycare to start trying her on the potty during the day, which they are going to work on.  My concern is- is she too young for this?  She isn’t walking yet and isn’t 100% there on standing to have her diaper changed.  I don’t want to be over encouraging her if her physical capabilities are still not there, but she just seems to really dislike going in her diaper!  Then again, some days she doesn’t use the potty at all when we "check", or cries if we bring her to the chair.

    Is it OK to just keep offering the potty chair with the understanding that full potty training won’t happen until she is mentally and physically ready?

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    I think it’s ok to keep trying, as long as she emotionally is able to handle it. If it comes to a point where she consistently is upset by the potty, maybe take some time off and try again in a few months. But, as long as she seems open to the idea, it doesn’t hurt to keep the potty around and keep presenting her with that as an option.

    Good luck to you! It’s not an easy process sometimes!


    Caty Trio

    There are some great tips about understanding the signs and determining potty training readiness in the following parenting article by Bright Horizons.

    Potty Training: Tips –


    I am the owner of Potty Training School in Boca Raton. If you want to inbox me at I can send you over a potty training readiness test. Good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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