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    I’m about to be a first-time parent. My friends and family have told me I’ll soon learn "not to sweat the small stuff" – that I won’t have time to! What "small" things did you learn to let go once you became a parent?


    amy dempster

    This is Cooking Mom from the Bright Horizons Mom to Mom Blog. I recently posted about this video – Reflections of Motherhood – that shows moms sharing what they would tell themselves if they could go back to their lives before they had their 1st child. I’m expecting my 2nd child this fall and there are great reminders in here. I know I’ll be referring back to this video when I’m overtired and sleep-deprived.


    If you’re already a mom, what would you say to yourself? If you are expecting for the first time, what are you most afraid of?






    amy dempster

    For me I don’t think I let go of too much and tried to be everything to everyone. Now that my 2nd is on the way I feel like I am really learning not to sweat the small things — or big things like the HUGE pile of laundry I’ve been ignoring all week.

    Looking back as in the video I think I would have reminded myself that washing the floors and other household tasks are not as important as spending quality time snuggling with your newborn or playing with your toddler. And, most importantly, I would have not put so much pressure and guilt on myself to be a supermom because it’s unrealistic to think you can do everything perfectly. Just be you, breathe, and enjoy your children.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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