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    I’m expecting soon and doing a lot of my baby shopping. Everywhere I go, I see infant sleep sacks! Do people find these to be useful? Unnecessary? Would love to hear your feedback.

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    I received a sleep sack as a present at my baby shower and didn’t really know what it was for or how to use it. When my daughter was a new born we just swaddled her, but then my sister-in-law showed me how to use the sleep sack and my daughter is 3.5 months now and she still sleeps in the sleep sack. She started off with the sleep sack that has the velcro (wings) that will hold her arms down for her, but now she sleeps in the sleeveless sleep sack. I love it and it keeps her warm too. She also sleeps in one at the daycare and the teachers say that she just feels so comfortable when they place her in it. Hope this helps!


    I agree, sleep sacks are great. If you subscribe to the school of thought that babies should not have blankets in their cribs, sleep sacks are a great way to keep them toasty warm. Have fun shopping…such a fun time!

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    Yeah I didn’t think a sleep sack was so necessary. But my DD was never one for swaddling so I ended up trying the sleep sack to be sure she was covered and warm. When she was around 4 and 5 months and really moving around, I personally felt it was safer than a blanket. She’s now almost 2 and we still use it. We had taken her out of it for a bit. However, she climbed out of her crib at 14 months and was so NOT ready for a toddler bed. So we turned the crib around and put her back in the sleep sack to prevent her being able to get her leg up over the side and out of the crib. And it’s worked wonderfully!

    We use the lighterweight cotton ones when she’s in the all in one fleecy PJ’s (unless it’s particularly extra cold) and we use the fleece sleep sack when she’s in the cotton PJ’s.

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    I had never really considered a sleep sack until I received one at my baby shower! I’ve found it to be great. My daughter really loves it and I’d definitely recommend trying one with your little one when he or she arrives.


    We use a swaddle blanket with our 5 month old but will be switching to the sleep sack. When we had our daughter (5 years ago) we used a swaddle until she was 7+ months. I didn’t realize the great purpose of the sleep sack with her which is that as they get mobile in the crib it prevents their legs from getting caught in the crib slats. Wish I figured that out with my oldest! I will definitely be transitioning Owen to one soon.

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    We swaddled our daughter until she was around 4 months old and began flipping from back to tummy.  At that point, we started using sleep sacks, since our pediatrician advised us against using stand-alone blankets in her crib (SIDS risk). Luckily, we had received a couple of Halo SleepSack Swaddles as gifts from our baby registry.  A Halo SleepSack Swaddle is  basically a Halo SleepSack with a detachable swaddle wrap.  So when our little-one was ready to transition from swaddling to wearable blankets (sleepsacks), we just removed the swaddle wrap and used the SleepSack alone.  She still wears them now at 9 months old, and we’ve found them very useful.  They zip from bottom-to-top, so they’re very handy for middle-of-the-night diaper changes and such.  And they come in all several different weights, depending on how hot or cold your baby’s room is.  Halo’s SleepSacks come in a variety of materials, from fleece (the warmest) to cotton (the coolest).  For even hotter temperatures, aden + anais makes wonderful sleep sacks in 100% cotton muslin, which is extremely breathable and keeps baby nice and cool.

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    Katy Chessher

    Our LO loves her sleep sack too. She is over a year now and has used it since around 4 mod old. We tried several and the zipadee zip is the best in my opinion. She sleeps 12 hrs at night and naps during the day in it too!


    we never used them for my first two but my last one loved being swaddled. So we tried the velcro ones. They worked out great. The only problem is that when she was old enough to roll over she would be strapped down and face first in the crib. Did not seem very safe so we took her out of them and into the sack but she did not like those. we had a really hard time transitioning her off of them.


    Priscilla Matos

    I am a big proponent of sleep sacks! I recommend the Zipadee-Zip! (I found ours at The zippy has added an average of two hours of sleep to for my son (which means my husband and I get two extra hours as well 😉 ). We started using it a few months ago when my son rolled onto his tummy while swaddled. It took two days and one night for him to get used to it. He has not slept on his back since he rolled last week. Each time I put him to sleep on his back he would immediately roll over. I flipped him back onto his back a few times and helped him fall asleep on his back, but five minutes later he would wake up and I would go in to find him on his tummy. So I stopped fighting it and let him sleep on his tummy. He can roll both ways in the Zipadeezip and their website says its safe to use if they can roll. I feel comfortable with my son sleeping on his tummy in it. I highly recommend it and use it not just when he is in his crib, but even when we go out!

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