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Snacks for the beach?

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    I’m about to go on a week-long vacation with my husband, young son and my sister’s family (three more kids under 7!). We’re hoping to spend much of the time at the beach.  I have to go do some grocery shopping for the trip and am wondering if you have any good ideas for beach snacks to pack for the kids. One can only eat so many pb&j sandwiches! What are your suggestions for good snacks to pack?


    I feel like we mastered this this year – finally!!!  In years past it was just all snacks but this year we pack lots of fruit.  Cut up oranges, whole apples, grapes and cut up watermelon.  At least 2 fruits each trip to the beach.  We freeze squeezable yogurt which they either enjoy frozen or cool once it defrosts.  We sometimes bring squeezable apple sauce and freeze juice pops (you know the really sugary kind the comes in a tube – thanks to my dad introducing this!).  Our kids tend to eat ALL day at the beach so the healthier the choices, the better I feel.  We sometimes bring carrots and hummus (which I repackage into a small bowl so it’s not so wasted if it doesn’t get eaten).  I buy prepackaged snacks (unlike for school lunch where I divide out my own snacks but for the beach I want simple).  So we usually buy prepackaged goldfish, ritz mini cheese crackers, individual packs of chips, granola bars.  I try to keep it to only 2 crunchy snacks as my kids call them.  For lunch – whole wheat crustables.  These frozen sandwiches defrost by lunch time.  Sometimes I do cheese sticks too and rolled cold cuts.

    We also bought really fun water bottles for beach use only for the kids at Target.  I fill these half way and freeze them.  When we head to the beach, I added more water (otherwise it will never freeze).  This year, this system replaced juice boxes (again, a good step up).

    Have fun!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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