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Squeaky sneakers – helpful or annoying?

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    Today in the park , I noticed (or should I say heard) a toddler who was wearing sneakers that squeaked.  Not sqeaked like sneakers rubbing against the floor, but squeaked like a dog toy.  Every step that the toddler made sent out a loud squeak that could be heard from across the park.  As the noise began to grate on me, I started wondering why any parent would voluntarily buy these sneakers for their child.  Is it used as a tracking device to keep tabs on your child?  Are you able to figure out where your child is based on how loud the squeak is?  Has anyone heard of these or every tried them?  Are they helpful or do they just give you a headache???


    Erica Boos

    I do remember putting these cute little bells on my kids first walking shoes. I didnt find the noise annoying but I wonder now,  how many other people did?


    I have seen/heard them all over lately (including in a Church service and a library)….  My vote is for highly annoying.  The kids seem to like it and it encourages them to walk (or so I’ve heard) and makes it harder for them to sneak away, but I figure that if I need loud shoes to prevent my children from sneaking away I need to work on my parenting observation skills anyway.  The only real use I see for them is annoying any would-be kidnappers or a revenge gift for a friend who gave your child a noisy toy for their birthday.


    Bells I could live with…my daughter likes to wear bells in her hair around Christmas.  These shoes sound like my golden retreiver with a new chew toy (luckily for him, he removes the squeaker within minutes of getting a new toy).


    Annoying, annoying, annoying! For the parents out there looking for ways to encourage walking, try those classic "light-up" shoes. They give the same motivation without making your poor child sound like a dog toy! I feel bad for the poor teachers who have to listen to countless little squeaky feet stomping around all day – it isn’t exactly the kind of noise you just "get used to." I appreciate the intention whoever invented this little contraptions had, but, with all due respect, this is a seriously flawed product (I say that as both a parent and as someone who has passed by them on the street!).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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