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Thanksgiving activities for the kids?

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    I host my children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving every year and I love it. This year we have 6 children ranging from infancy through 11 yrs. One issue we always face is trying to keep all the kids entertained while the meal preparations are going on. Does anyone have creative ideas for Thanksgiving games or crafts we can use to keep the little ones busy while some of us are focusing on the turkey? Thank you!


    Toya C

    We have a lot of children to entertain at our family gatherings, too! In the past, cookie decorating has been a good activity – as long as it doesn’t lead to too much pre-dinner cookie eating! The kids enjoy it because not only are they having fun together, but they are "helping" prepare the meal by crafting one of the most important parts – dessert!

    It’s very easy to make basic sugar cookies and let the kids go to town with the mini-icing tubes. This activity does require some adult supervision…otherwise you’ll have a bunch of kids that are too full for Thanksgiving dinner. :smileyhappy:


    I found this in a magazine a couple of years ago which I thought was really cute.  It’s a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt:



    We do an early morning fundraiser walk for The American Red Cross. Gets everybody going early and it’s so much fun to be with other people from our community.  When we get home we start the serious business of cooking while the kids have thier much needed morning snack.  We involve our 5 year old in the cooking process…she helps clean veggies and measure ingredients.  Her favorite task is to help set the table.  Much time is spent creating "fancy" name cards for the table.  Our 2 year old stays busy for quite awhile entertaining everyone and then she works on puzzles or art projects until naptime.  For us the key is the early morning walk with the whole family. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.


    One thanksgiving craft we did each year at my school is a turkey cup. The cup acts as an amplifier for the vibrations on a string and the sound actually sounds kinda like a turkey’s gobble, gobble. The kids and the families commented that it was a fun item to play with for thanksgiving get-togethers. All you need is string and plastic cups and few paper scraps to use to make eyes feathers etc so the cup will look like a turkey. Here are links to the directions.

    Also a stuff the turkey relay race is a fun game to play. You’ll need two small brown paper bags as the turkeys and balls of paper towel or tissue paper as the stuffing. Split the kids in two groups put the stuffing at one end of the room and the turkeys at the other end. The kids race back and forth to stuff their turkey first.

    And ditto on the place cards idea and setting the table. My daughter loves fussing over glitter and markers and crayons and such to create elaborate placards for everyone. And folding the napkins "just so" counting and the cups and forks etc. Great for occupying their time!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!


    Some fun ideas at  Have the children create personalized napkin rings for the family:)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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