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Time in School – Too much or Too little?

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    We got it yesterday… the note telling us we need to register our 5 year old for kindergarten in December in preparation for Fall Kindergarten.  I went online to print up the forms and then the shock and the questions.  Our town doesn’t have full day Kindergarten (well, a mere 2 rooms out of I think 23 classrooms) and besides that, full day is 8:55-3:10.  1/2 day is 8:55-12:30.

    My daughter is in full-day now and has been since she was a baby.  Full day being 8:30-6:00pm.  I REALLY do believe my child is being educated at least 75% of that time (when you take out rest, lunches and snacks).  How does a child cope from being challenged, let’s say 7 hours a day to 3 hours a day?  How does a parent cope with the schedule changes?  I can pay to put her in before and after school care but it is highly likely it is subpar compared to what she’s been challenged with at Bright Horizons.  I know I can’t change the system.  But it really saddens me to think about how little she will be exposed to, challenged with, educated on in the next several years. Am I alone?  Did you go through similar feelings and if so, what has been the experience on the other end?


    We were lucky in that our town has full day Kindergarten and  very strong (and curriculum based) after school programs. The one my son goes to is right at his school.  But being a working parent with grade school age children is really a crazy balancing act.  I can see that next year, as the volume of homework increases (he has homework every night except Friday as a first grader) I’d like to give him a little more "down time"  or "free choice" after school.  As it stands now, we pick him up from after school, get home, do homework, eat and then have a little time together.  He doesn’t want to do his home work at the after school program because he says he’ll miss out on doing things with his friends.

     So next year I am thinking about finding a babysitter for one to two days a week so that he can have a little more down time.

    Make sure you sign up for the after school program as soon as you can, go visit it now,and talk to some of the other parents.  Ours filled up fast.

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    Hi, I know the feeling. When my older daughter started kindergarten we got a culture shock too. She too had been used to a full day of activities and learning at Bright Horizons and she did not find kindergarten overally challenging, it was more of the same for her. Also, we did not get into the after school program located at her school for the first year and juggling baby sitters was tough! She is in the after school program now and loves it. They have a great enrichment activities, homework help, and bring in lots of other classes such as language, yoga, etc.

    Start your search for the right after school now. Ask lots of questions about their program and activities. It’s so important because the kids are spending more time in after school than in school! Inquire at the school about other parents who will be looking for after school who live near you so you can share drop off and pick ups with them. There are some good after school programs out there but they do fill up fast.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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