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Tips for Helping Adults Sleep Better

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    Allison Fraser

    My daughter has been sleeping through the night, but lately, I have trouble getting to sleep myself! Once I do fall asleep, I wake up at least two or three times during the night. Any tips for sleeping better? Is there anything I should add or remove from my nightly routine?


    Priscilla Matos

    Our daughter REFUSED to sleep when she started breaking out of her swaddle. We tried every trick in the book ! The crying it out method was just ruining me and my hubby!She just hated having her arms free and would scratch herself to bits. After some serious sleep deprivation, I finally tried the Zipadee-Zip and was super skeptical that it would even work since literally nothing else had and to my utter shock, she slept 12 hours the first night in it!  Crazy!  I guess the resistance in the arm span is what gives her the feeling of being swaddled and soothes her startle reflex but the star shape gives her the ability to push up and roll over.  She couldn’t safely roll in the swaddle and when she’d break free, I’d find the loose fabric over her face which terrified me!  The Zipadee-Zip ( is where I found it) gave her the security to be able to sleep swaddle free which means WE SLEPT TOO!!!  Thank goodness for this thing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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