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    Erica Garcia

    Hi all I have been making first my baby food and am now onto toddler food since my little girl was born. I wanted to start a post to share good ideas for healthy toddler food.
    That being said my daughter almost 21 months old and used to love veggies before she started walking and now only wants carbs. I understand this as an athlete and exercise lover…so I get it but everyone knows you gotta eat your veggies.

    My latest and newest fun food idea is…I take pea pods, peel the strings on each end and cut down the center and fill with a bit of veggie cream cheese and she’s going for it! Success! I know what you’re thinking “are you kidding me I don’t have time to do that!” But…I say to you, moms of one, two or three…you do. You buy the peas ahead of time put them in a tupperware container and you only pull out two for each meal. I’ve timed myself it takes one minute and a half to do the whole process.

    Bon appetite little bebe…


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    I’m ftm where did you get the idea to make the baby food i have no idea where to start 🙂


    Meghanb, I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest and the FB group “Feeding the Littles”. It is pretty simple, just steam veggies and fruit until fork tender and blender in a blender or food processor… really easy to make a ton and freeze!

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    Blog Editor

    Awesome idea, Erica! Thanks for sharing. Meghanb, this article from our Family Room blog also offers some great tips:

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    Luis F Florez

    Could you send the updated link. The one posted is broken.

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    Gabriel Welch

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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