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    3 months ago I gave birth to two beautiful twin boys.  I love them dearly but with the two of them and a very opinionated toddler running around around the house, I just don’t seem to have enough hands.  Any advice on raising multiples?



    Breathe.  Adjust your expectations of what you can get done. Breathe. Take a nap whenever you can. Breathe. Play dates for the toddler. Breathe. Invite jr high or high school girls to stop by after school. Breathe.


    Thank you!  I definitely need a reminder to breathe every once in awhile.  Since someone is always needing something taking a moment for myself never seems to happen.  I think I will start to look for a jr high or high school student to lend me an extra hand.  With summer coming up I’m sure I should be able to find someone.  Thanks for the suggestions!



    The high school and jr high girls worked so well for me when my twins were little.  The girls would take my boys for a stroller ride in the neighborhood and I could squeeze in a shower.  Nice!


    Caty Trio

    Hi Mandy! Have you seen this e-family news article on Parenting Twins? I thought it might be a helpful resource for you – it has some great tips. Though, Ruth is right…the key is to remember to breathe! 



    As a single parent I can relate to the "not enough hands" issue, and I couldn’t agree with Ruth more! Asking for help – even just 30 minutes to an hour every once in a while of babysitting by (trusted) neighbors and family members is key. Most high schoolers and family members enjoy doing it, and it gives your children new "friends" to play with while you take some deep breaths.

    I know there is always a temptation to feel guilty when you ask others to care for your child, especially in situations like this when you aren’t working or obligated to be away. While this may be tough, remember that maintaining your sanity will make you a happier and more effective parent in the long-run! Tired/hungry/grumpy moms and dads are no fun, so don’t be afraid to recruit some "extra hands" now and again!



    We never have "enough hands"…you are so right Franklin. Getting over the guilt of asking for help is the biggest hurdle. Once you have that done you are on your way to happier parenting.


    I am a 23 yr old disabled, single mom with 18 mo old boy & girl twins. I find myself torn between wanting to be with my kids, needing to work 2 jobs, just to put food on the table & to pay my medical bills. I have NO help, financally & emotionally! I am raising these 2 BEAUTIFUL babies on my own. How do I split my time with my kids & my career?



    When I found out I was having twins I asked my Mom how I was going to be able to handle it.  She said,"How much of your time did it take when you just had one baby?"  I said, "It took all of my time for just one baby." She said, "Well, you don’t have any more time to give so the babies will adjust."  This was the best advice I ever got from my Mom.  You can’t give any more to your kids than you have so they adjust…it’s wonderful and true.  Take care of your self so you can care for your babies.


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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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