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Ballet Class 2

Ballet lessons have been going really well! So well, that we have agreed to sign up our daughter for the recital. I have no expectations that she will actually go through with dancing on a stage, in front of a crowd, with her teacher, but I’ll be in the front row with my video camera just in case.

That was last week. This week, well, let’s just say ballet wasn’t. There was a substitute teacher. Before class, my daughter was excited and prancing around on her tiptoes in front of the mirror. Then she turned into a puddle when she realized Miss Tracy was not going to be leading the class. It was like we were at the first lesson all over again! I didn’t want to revert to the days of doing ballet with her, so I gave her a choice.

Me: I’m going to count to 3 and you have to make a choice. We can either stay here and you can participate while Mommy watches. Or, we can take off your ballerina clothes and go home to rest…not to play, but to rest. One. Two. Three.

Her: (Through a trembling lip and tears) I want to go home.

So we left. I made my apologies to the teacher, picked up my daughter’s ballet shoes and left. I’m still questioning my decision to let her back out, but I do feel a little bit better that she wasn’t the only one who left. By the time we changed and went to the car, there was only one child in the class…the one who spent the first 3 lessons lying on the floor in the doorway because he didn’t want to dance.

I really hope Miss Tracy is back next week.

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