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Ladybugs, Mosquitoes, and Gnats…Oh My

I love spring. I count the days until we can be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. As most toddlers do, Commuter Girl seems to love it, too. But, this year she has an issue with bugs.(That would be pronounced with a long “u” — similar to Rudy’s friend Bud on the Cosby Show.) Every time she sees a bug she points, fusses, and clings to my leg. It isn’t even just the big hairy spiders that she doesn’t like; she doesn’t even like the most child-friendly bug of all — the ladybug.

We have made some recent breakthroughs. At school she found a spider and came running to tell me. She then told a teacher, and the preschool teacher caught it and put it in the bug box. Commuter Girl thought it was pretty cool and asked me several times to look at the spider through the magnifying window. Last weekend she wanted to look at a ladybug. I didn’t tell her that the dog had just stepped on the ladybug and crushed it. Instead, we got pretty close and she watched the ladybug “sleep.” It worked out pretty well…there were no sudden bug movements to freak her out.

I hope we continue to make progress on the bug phobia. Otherwise, you can find me by looking for the mother with a toddler wrapped in mosquito netting.

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  1. Anonymous May 23, 2008 at 8:22 am

    I too am like your daughter, aftraid of bugs. The smallest spider can send me screaming. Last year my son got the best gift, a bug vacuum. Now when we find a bug in the house he get his vacuum, sucks up the bug and it encapsulates it in a magnifying tube. He can look at it and study it and then we release it outside unharmed. Before the vacuum all the bugs in our house met an untimely death. This just might make the bugs more fun than scary to your daughter.

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