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Our Fish

While I was excited for Commuter Girl, I was kind of dreading the start of swimming lessons. I know I was the one that said she needed to do it, and I’m the one who signed her up for the lessons. But, through all of that I never thought about the fact that a parent would have to get in the pool with her…I thought bathing suit season was over. But, Commuter Girl comes first, so I got out my suit and shaved my legs.

The first lesson was fine. Commuter Girl seemed intrigued. She splashed, kicked, blew bubbles. She even put her whole face in. The second lesson was awful. She spent 30 minutes in the pool crying. The instructor was amazing. She helped us to stay positive and we didn’t get out of the pool until the lesson was over. I don’t think it was a pleasant experience for anyone. I felt particularly bad for the other little boy in the class and his parents, but we all got through it. Now, we have a little fish on our hands. After 4 lessons, including the one full of tears, she is jumping in the water, kicking “like the big girls” in the lesson before her, touching the bottom of the pool with her toes, and bragging about it all to anyone who will listen.

This is a really good lesson for me as a parent. I need to make her stick to her commitments – and at 2 ½ that means staying in the pool until the lesson is over and finishing the 10 sessions. If she were miserable for all of the lessons, I wouldn’t sign her up again, but we need to teach her to finish what she starts…even if it means I have to wear a bathing suit.

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