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Princess and the Pea

We went on vacation last week. The first night was spent at a hotel on the way to our final destination. It was going to be an ordeal to get bed rails from the front desk, so we just asked for a whole bunch of extra pillows. The room had two queen-size beds so we decided Commuter Girl would get her own bed with a wall of pillows on either side of her. Good idea in theory. Every couple of hours throughout the night we were picking up and repositioning the pillows, picking Commuter Girl up off of the floor, or moving her when her legs dangled perilously over the edge of the bed.

Our newest sleeping challenge I will blame on Mother Nature. We’ve had a series of pretty loud thunder storms in Massachusetts, and now Commuter Girl has decided she is afraid of thunder. We’ve had two all-nighters, and several late nights with a very crowded bed — how can a little toddler take up more than half of a queen-sized bed?! The good news is that our 75-pound dog doesn’t sleep with us, too.

I can understand her fear of thunder. It’s loud and you can’t see it. It can be surprising. But what has put me over the edge is that for the last week or so I have been dealing with a screaming toddler at night and now nap-time, too. She says the thunder hurts her ears. I’ve tried to reason with her, but how do you reason with a toddler? So, I turn up the volume on the music and settle in for an hour or so of sitting in her room until she is sound asleep. Why am I now at my wit’s end? It hasn’t rained, or thundered, in the past three days.

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  1. Anonymous August 5, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Thunder can definitely create havoc in the bedtime routine! Unfortunately with so many nights in a row, you may be forming a habit! I had the same problem with my son when he was 2 years old – and now at 4 – he sleeps right through those storms!

    As for your traveling woes — a neat little trick my sister taught me was to put the extra pillows under the edges of the fitted sheet. It helps hold them in place and creates a small barrier on the edge of the bed.

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