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Super Powers

It’s hard not to feel like you have to be all things to all people. And, it’s hard to feel like you do everything well. This Mother’s Day we should all take a moment to sit back and recognize all of the amazing things we do well. A friend sent me this to me so I thought I’d share. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mommy Super Powers

  • I can “see” and “pet” invisible ladybugs, tiny kittens, and frogs she keeps in her pockets.
  • I can build houses for ants out of rocks.
  • I have super strength hearing in the late p.m. or early a.m. (especially if it includes the word “potty”).
  • I can transform, with my super-mommy eyes, the letters of her name or anything she tells me she has drawn in a series on scribbles, doodles, and illegible marks.
  • I can, with a kiss and the miracle healing power of a single adhesive strip, make 99 percent of ouchies go away. That other 1 percent is the super power of actual doctors.
  • I can bench-press 35 pounds with no weight training whatsoever and can climb an entire staircase slowly and silently, with said sleeping 35 pounds (yet I whimper with five-pound ankle weights if I’m Tae-bo-ing — what’s up with that?).
  • I have the power of a super-human imagination! (Namely of the most awful atrocities if my hand is not held in the parking lot or on a sidewalk.)
  • I know the names of things in my super brain, like “monarch,” “chameleon,” and “forsythia,” and I’m not making them up like I usually do.
  • I have a super-amazing strong heart that almost breaks, but not quite, every morning as I kiss her goodbye.


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