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I love play dates. I love watching CommuterGirl interact and play with friends. I love not having to entertain her. I love getting out of the house and checking out someone else’s toys. I love the opportunity to chit-chat with other parents.

But, as I was at a play date the other day it dawned on me that the concept is kind of odd.It’s one thing to go to our family friend’s house, or the house of someone from my mom’s group I went to when CommuterGirl was a newborn. I know those families; I have relationships with those mothers. But, a few weeks ago we had our first school-friend play date. I don’t know the mom other than to say hello as we are both juggling morning drop-off. I went to a stranger’s house and drank coffee and ate blueberry muffins while the girls played. It’s kind of strange when you think about it. But, we all had fun. The mother was very nice and CommuterGirl had a ball.

I’m looking forward to the next date.

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