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On Saturday morning CommuterGirl sounded like she was starting to get a cold.We gave her some juice, made sure she got a good nap, and crossed our fingers.Sunday morning she seemed ok, but by lunch she was a mess.She had a mild fever, her nose was runny, and she had started to cough and sneeze.

We called the pediatrician.With all the news lately about cold medicine recalls we knew our options were limited.We got the standard answer – its probably a virus, you’ll just need to give it time to run its course.Give it time?!?!Here’s what happens at Dr. Brewer’s House (Wall Street Journal).

The next challenge on Sunday: figure out how we were going to cover Monday – CommuterGirl was going to have to stay home from child care. Oh, and now CommuterDad says he’s starting to feel sick. Welcome to the cold and flu season.

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