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Let it Snow!

We had our first snowfall of the season. We got a little bit of snow last month, but this is the first one that required plows. CommuterGirl spent about 30 minutes watching them plow the snow in our neighborhood this morning. She had a great time teaching her babydoll all about the big truck. She kept whispering in her ear, “Look, Baby, big truck.Watch, big truck.” I had a great time getting an extra 30 minutes-worth of stuff done all by myself this morning!

I’m looking forward to building a snowman with CommuterGirl, making snow angels, helping her throw snowballs for the dog. I’m not looking forward to the extra stuff that has to go to school. Monday mornings are enough of a challenge as it is. We have to remember her lunch, her blanket, her sheet for her nap mat, her bear that she has to have to fall asleep, her hat, her mittens and a change of clothes. Now we have to add her snowsuit and her boots. Is it frivolous to buy an extra snowsuit and an extra pair of boots to leave at school? I think I’ll go to the consignment store this weekend and see what I can find…

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  1. Anonymous December 5, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    I completely understand! It’s hectic enough in the morning’s getting everyone ready and dragging all of the necessities into the car – winter brings its own challenges with boots, hats, mittens and snowgear. With the arrival of my second son – I decided that a consignment store purchased boots and snowpants was a complete necessity – or we had a high probability of the boys being at school with inadequate snow gear. So frivolous? Not in my opinion – but rather a good use of hand me downs and second hand store purchases that can be donated to someone else in need next year.

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