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Schedule Interrupted

CommuterGirl has a good nighttime routine.At 7:00 she takes a bath.By 7:30 she is in her pajamas and we are attempting to dry her hair…I say attempting because she likes to help.By 7:50 we are cuddled in the chair reading books, and by 8:00 she is in her crib with her 2 bears and her stuffed Knuffle Bunny.

Enter the extended families and holiday parties.The whole schedule goes out the window when she is fed a piece of pie by her Aunt, her grandmother keeps her up until 9:00 and she fitfully sleeps in the pack and play (diagonally because she barely fits) since we aren’t sleeping at our house.The next day our sweet, even-tempered-for-a-toddler child is a monster. But how can I say “no” to family who she hardly gets to spend time with?It means so much to them, and I know CommuterGirl loves every second of it. So I can handle a day or two of a toddler terror.But, am I setting a bad precedent for years to come?

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