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Confessions of a Busy Mom

I loved this column in which CNN Weekend Editor Kristi Ramsay offers 5 lessons for a better life. What I loved about it was its honesty. Ramsay is a married working mother of a toddler with another child on the way. She’s also going to law school at night. She’s pretty typical, it seems, of many professionals just trying to balance regular old life. She is probably a great mom, who like most moms, does crazy things like cave to the demand of her toddler to watch a show on the iPad at 3 am, just so she can get some sleep or watches The Bachelor just to give her brain a break.

I relate. On most days the only time I have when I’m alone are the two minutes it takes me to walk from the child care center to my office. Like most parents, my typical days starts by trying to drag myself out of bed, get myself and my kids dressed, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten and out the door. I then drop one kid off while my husband drops the other. I desperately search for a parking spot, get into the office, work, leave to pick one of the kids up while my husband picks up the other. Walk in the door at 6:20, get dinner on the table, put the kids to bed, clean up the kitchen, pack lunches for the next day, and then tackle some household chore or another — like folding laundry, paying bills, doing the taxes, etc. Then I go to bed way too late. It’s nothing different from most working moms. It’s just regular life. And as fulfilling as it is, it can at times be monotonous, and exhausting, and frustrating. So sometimes we are imperfect. Sometimes we break the rules to give ourselves a break.

So I’m here to confess 5 parenting sins I commit:

  • I am trying desperately to get my 2-year-old son to enjoy watching TV for at least 10 minutes at a time. I just need that child to stop moving sometimes!
  • In a related move, I try to get both kids to watch and enjoy the Food Network. It’s part of a plan that some day, someone in the house will be able to cook a decent meal.
  • I kind of don’t mind when my daughter comes into our bed in the middle of the night with a bad dream, relegating my husband to her bed.  He snores. She doesn’t. Enough said.
  • On occasion I sneak into the bathroom with my Kindle and just play Scrabble for a few minutes, just to focus on nothing else.
  • And finally, I constantly compare my kid to others (just in my head – and with my husband) and judge every other parent I know (again, just in my head – and occasionally with my husband), because I know how flawed I am, and knowing that other are flawed as well makes me feel just a little better about myself.

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