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Cooking Mom Tries to Find Time for Herself

I had very high hopes for this challenge and dreamed of all the marvelous and glamorous things I would do with my 30 “me” minutes each day. I was going to whip up delicious lunches of things “I” loved and not cook to the varied tastes of my family. I was going to meditate and enjoy silence. I was going to learn to sew and make my own quilt (not really on this one but it is a dream of mine). Sadly, none of these luxuries came to fruition.

Instead I found myself plotting in my head how some activities I already had planned could fit into the confines of this challenge. Here is how it worked for the week. I started this on Saturday because I already had plans to go shopping by myself.

  • Saturday: I went shopping by myself because I had 20% off entire purchase coupon that I needed to use. Granted it was a luxury to go shopping without Olivia in tow telling me how bored she is but, really, I’m not one of those people that super-duper loves shopping. I like it well enough and I like the fruits of my labor but the picking through racks and the trying on and listening to whiny high school cashiers…not exactly relaxing in my book.
  • Sunday: We had a lot going on this day. I did manage to steal an hour of time while my husband gave my daughter her Sunday night tubby. But I cheated and watched Top Chef Masters. This was actual relaxing to me because usually Olivia watches with me and asks me a million questions.
  • Monday: Nope – nothing on this day. I’ll roll over 30 minutes from my one hour Top Chef viewing which doesn’t count anyways.
  • Tuesday: It was unseasonably warm this day and evening so I took advantage of the nice weather to walk the dog around my neighborhood. Olivia joined me for the first go round but decided sidewalk chalk was more interesting. So I had 15 minutes of quiet walking time with my dog, Molly. That was nice.
  • Wednesday: I took advantage of a free gym pass I signed up for in February (yes – I said February) and went to try out a new gym. I spent an hour. Although this was probably the most “me” thing I did all week I’ve got to tell you it was the least rejuvenating. In fact, it was pretty depressing. I used to go to the gym often and was in decent physical shape. That was before Olivia came and I started back to work full-time. I was on the elliptical machine for like 5 minutes and thought I was going to die. The old woman next to me was whipping my butt. I had to escape to the treadmill just to catch my breath.
  • Thursday: That’s today and I think I’ll go get ice cream after Olivia goes to bed. And I’ll spend 30 minutes in my car enjoying every last bite.

Hope the other moms fared better – maybe they will inspire me.

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