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Coping with Kindergarten Bullying at School

Coping with Kindergarten Bullying at School

Little girl in adidas leggingsThis week, I had to send a note to my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. The other night I had picked out my daughter’s outfit for school – colorful, cute Adidas leggings and a matching top. In the morning, when it was time for her to get ready, she threw a fit. She didn’t like the leggings. She had worn them to school once before, so I was really confused as to why it was a problem. She begged to wear anything except those leggings. Unfortunately for her, between work, school and life, this mom hadn’t had a chance to do laundry all week (oops)!

After explaining to her that the pants are very stylish for a 6 year old and saying anything I could to end this morning battle, she blurted out that last time she wore them one of the girls in her class had made fun of her. I paused. I had no idea how to handle this situation. What did she make fun of? My daughter had gone to school before in a mismatching skirt, leggings and a sweater and came home with a big smile on her face. Why didn’t THAT outfit get made fun of? Throughout the school year, Arianna has come home a few times mentioning smaller issues she has had with this same girl. My advice to her? Just ignore it or tell the teacher.

I’m not naïve, I know that my child could very well be bullying back, but I also have seen how affected she is by certain things. I ultimately made her wear the pants and I told her that if the girl says anything to her, simply state that “you like them and you want to wear them.” She came home from school that day very excited that her teacher made a point to tell Arianna how much she loved her pants, and even said to the other kids in her class, “Doesn’t everyone love Arianna’s pants?” Of course, everyone agreed! This small comment changed my daughter’s entire mindset. She asked me if I could do laundry (*sigh*) and wash the pants so she could wear them again.

I made the right decision by contacting her teacher. One small comment boosted my daughter’s confidence and she learned that it’s okay to wear things that SHE likes. Raising her to be confident and independent is at the top of my list.

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Have your children ever faced bullying at school? How did you handle it?


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