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Corn Sugar

 CookingMom tweeted this link last night and I felt it was worth commenting on. While I know that this lawsuit is strictly for business purposes, and that the sugar makers most likely don’t care about what is actually healthiest, I’d be happy to see these advertisements go away. I’m a believer that eating things that are natural versus processed in someway are ultimately healthiest, and I think any other message confuses people. I’d like to hear more from the medical and nutrition experts who reassure consumers that corn sugar is the same as cane sugar. If that’s the case, then why the rebrand? I’m not sure that fruit growers or vegetable farmers ever had to rebrand their product.  I understand that HFCS corn syrup has gotten a bad rap in the past but maybe that’s simply because it’s just not good for you. There really isn’t a way to rebrand that, is there? It’s almost impossible to avoid sugar, though I know there are people who do it, but it’s actually not that hard to avoid corn sugar.  Most companies are putting “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” right on their packages (hmmm, will they have to change that now to say “No Corn Sugar”?).

I hope people don’t confuse cane sugar with corn sugar and assume they are the same thing. I’d love to hear more from people with differing points of view or more information on if, in fact, your body processes corn sugar and cane sugar in the same way. I’m going to continue to avoid corn sugar or whatever they decide to call it next. Will you?

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