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A Day in the Life of the Tooth Fairy

A Day in the Life of the Tooth Fairy

When I decided to become a parent, there was so much I signed up for that I didn’t contemplate. Most recently, I’ve been reflecting on my job as the tooth fairy. Being the tooth fairy isn’t something you exactly prepare for. But in fact, being prepared is the number one responsibility of this job. The day the first tooth comes out will be an exciting one. The tooth may have dangled on for dear life for weeks or, as happened for us, perhaps it became loose one day and fell out at a playdate on the next!

Child losing her first toothLuckily, I was prepared. The morning after the tooth fairy visited for the first time was an exciting one. My best friend had thankfully given my daughter a “tooth fairy pillow” well before she lost her first tooth. The pure joys my daughter experienced that morning was amazing. She came barreling into our room beaming with excitement. The tooth fairy not only left money, but also left a note.

Congratulations Madalyn! You lost your first tooth! I was so excited when I heard the good news. Over the next few days I will be working hard to clean your tooth. Once it is sparkly, because it’s your first, I will return the tooth back to you. In a couple of nights, I will leave it in your baby book so you can always have it to remember this special day. Love, Your Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy pillows

Ahhh yes, our tooth fairy was smart and well prepared for the day. Over time, however, instead of getting better at her job, she got worse. The teeth kept coming out. We’re up to #10 in just a few short years. The payout has remained the same, but completing the mission has only gotten more complicated. Last year, silly me, we fell into the trap of The Tale of The Tooth Fairy. A cute book and idea (a bit of a knock off on Elf on the Shelf), but more challenging. An adorable fairy has a tiny drawstring sack (a tiny, hard to open sack) for the tooth to rest in until the actual tooth fairy comes to retrieve it. More complexity to the process that we must adhere to. With this last tooth I tried to convince my daughter to leave the fairy and sack outside her bedroom. No such luck. At the very least, perhaps she should leave it on her night stand. Nope. The fairy belonged in her bed all snuggled up with her.

That night I did a “dry run”. I went into her bedroom to see how the fairy was positioned. Where she was and planned to plot how I would pull off the exchange. One would think by tooth #10 it would get easier, but with this new twist, it really hasn’t. Especially when your child is a super light sleeper. There lay the fairy, tucked tightly under my daughter’s arm. And on the night stand a small cup with a note to the tooth fairy. I pulled out a flashlight to read the note, hoping it wasn’t the same note she left last time. It was…

Dear Tooth Fairy, Please leave me some fairy dust in my cup.

Tooth fairy dollShe woke during that “pre-check” and I claimed I was just giving her a hug and a kiss because I wasn’t able to tuck her in that night. I also warned her about sleeping with the fairy tucked under her arm. Surely the tooth fairy wouldn’t come if she couldn’t find the tooth. A few hours later I attempted the real deal. As I entered the room, the fairy was once again tucked tightly under my daughters arm. I went back to my room and woke my husband. I needed help. He went to kiss her and moved the fairy so I had access, came back and gave me the green light to go in. It all went downhill from there.

I went back into her bedroom where she was now awake and in tears. “I knew you were the tooth fairy!” she cried. “What are you talking about Maddie?” The tooth was still in place and no money was to be seen. She is onto us. After we calmed her down, my husband snuggled close to her and began to sing her to sleep. I worked my magic of swapping out the tooth for money. Yes, I pulled the container out of the sack, took the tooth and replaced it with money. I also had a cup of fairy dust in my cup (an identical cup) and made the swap. When I was done, I leaned down and kissed her good night and left.

Back in my bedroom I started putting the tooth away for safe keeping when my daughter busted in exclaiming that the tooth fairy had arrived. “She must have flown right behind you mom when dad was singing to me!” Mission accomplished. I went to bed dreading the next time she loses a tooth but glad for now we managed to keep her believing.

It wasn’t until a few days later when we passed a park in town that I learned she didn’t exactly believe anymore. Madalyn said “Mom! I never knew there was an Elmwood Park in town!” “Madalyn, there is a lot you don’t know about and will learn more and more every day.” Her response: “Well, I may not know about Elmwood Park, but I definitely know my parents are the tooth fairy.” I was crushed but I still haven’t exactly confirmed that she’s right…


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