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Dear Santa: A Working Mom’s Letter to the Big Guy

Dear Santa: A Working Mom’s Letter to the Big Guy

Dear Santa,

You’re a reasonable guy. And you seem to have figured out the secret for spreading joy and happiness to everyone. I’ve seen the movies. This year, I’m looking for some parenting help. Frankly, Santa, I’m a tired working parent. You understand what that’s like, right?! It’s exhausting and draining and hard — so, SO hard. There are just a few things that I ask this year.

First, please make my kids stop arguing. I’ve tried everything – rewards for kindness, time outs, taking away beloved tv, face-to-face talking sessions. Nothing works! Seriously, I leave the house to drop lunchboxes in the car for two minutes and I come back inside to an all-out sibling battle. There must be some magic “get along” dust you can sprinkle over my house. It’d be much appreciated.

Dear Santa

Second, can you please help my kids go to bed and stay there so I can get at least one thing done to prepare for the holidays? Once upon a time, bedtime happened at 8:30 and my whole night was open to get some chores done or enjoy some now non-existent “me” time. Now that I have a million things to do, I have kids up at all hours of the night. How many times does a child need to “tell me just one more thing” or use the potty?

While we’re on the subject of sleep, how about helping my preschooler stay in bed all night? Is it too much to ask for one “sleep in” day when I’m not woken up before the sun rises? And what’s up with the fact that I can’t drag him out of bed during the work week but the weekend is like Christmas morning – every…single…weekend.

Please, Santa, create a “sit and stay” glue for mealtimes. I love family dinners but my kids can’t seem to stay seated for more than a minute. So instead of talking about our days, I find myself constantly saying “Sit down” in a zillion different ways. And while you’re at it, can you make that in different varieties for staying in the bathroom while brushing your teeth, staying in bed at night, and sitting down in the tub.

Finally, I beg you to send me an over-sized bottle of patience and understanding. I fully realize that my kids are just being kids and doing what kids do. But, like I mentioned, I’m tired and my patience is wearing thin. In the new year, I’d really like to stop yelling and start enjoying my children.

That’s it. I hope it’s not too much to ask. After all, I rarely send any requests so I’m due for some big ones.

Cheers and thank you in advance,
A Tired Mom

PS Can we chat about the Elf on the Shelf? Would it be a lot to ask you to call back all your elves and lock them up for another generation? My daughter won’t stop harassing me about getting one and frankly I don’t have the time or creativity to manage another thing.


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