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DIY Playroom Art

DIY Playroom Art

I have a confession to make. While I love craft projects, I’ve never been a huge fan of craft projects with Liam. It sounds terrible, but it’s true. The trouble is I’m all about the product, the end-result of whatever creative endeavor I’ve taken on. While I also enjoy the process of making something, it’s always a means to an end. That’s fine for the personal bedtime/naptime projects I’ve got going on, but absolutely does not work for projects involving Liam. The end result means nothing to a toddler. It’s all about process. Anytime I’ve tried to make “something cute” with Liam (like about a million handprint crafts as found on Pinterest), by the end he was DONE and on the verge of tears and I felt like the crafting equivalent of a stage mom, imploring him to make just one more. As a result, with the exception of some basic crayon, chalk and sticker artwork, lately we haven’t had much going on in our house of the toddler crafting variety.

Recently though I’ve turned my attention back to Liam’s toddler playroom. Not surprisingly, it was neglected during the warmer summer and fall months when it seemed like we were either outside or busy for the vast majority of our waking hours. Now that we’re back spending a good amount of time in there, I’m really trying to finish things up. To that end, I saw I cute project on Pinterest to make tape off a canvas with some words (in our case, “play” and “read”) and let him paint over them to create some DIY playroom art. It seemed like a good combination project because it didn’t necessarily matter what the canvas looked like, he just needed to cover it. Simple enough.

I bought some canvas, paint and variety of paint brushes and taped off the letters on the canvas (I just kind of free-handed this part but I’ve also seen cool ones using stickers, decals, etc). I was concerned about paint bleeding so I painted white over the tape edges to prevent that.

DIY toddler art

Once that was dry, I let Liam at it. He started with the brushes, but before long, he had rediscovered the awesomeness of finger painting. By the time we got to the second canvas, I hardly needed to give him paint, he had so much on his hands.

diy toddler art

All in all, this was probably the most successful art project we’ve taken on together. He loved it and I’m actually pretty happy with the result. Full disclosure – I did go over some of the little areas that bled through with white paint. It’s a sickness, I can’t help it.

diy toddler playroom art

With the massive amount of paint on these babies, it’s probably going to be days before they’re dry, but I can’t wait to hang them in the playroom.

Note: After making these, I heard you can help prevent everything from heading to brown with all the paint mixing by limiting the color palate on each (so just blue and green for example). Just wanted to share in case anyone else was thinking of trying!


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