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DIY Preschool Valentines: Part 1

DIY Preschool Valentines: Part 1

Last year, I shared some ideas for DIY Candy-Free Valentines. We ended up making these toddler valentines for Liam’s classmates and they were a big hit with him and his little friends. I had fun making them too!

DIY valentines for toddlers

This year I really want to do something similar for Liam’s preschool classmates. I like the idea of giving a small trinket but try to steer clear of anything with candy or food for sugar overload and allergy purposes. Plus, preschoolers as a group seem to be more enthusiastic about little trinkets than it seems imaginable. Exhibit A: Liam was showered with many gifts from Santa this Christmas including everything on his list. When asked what his favorite gift was? The plastic giraffe I believe I picked up in the dollar section at Target on a whim. Trinkets for the win.

Valentines That Preschoolers Can Make

Here are few ideas for candy-free DIY preschool Valentines:

Glow Stick Valentine. What kid doesn’t love a glow stick? Plus, these seem so easy to put together – just some card stock and BOOM, assembled.

DIY glowsticks valentines for kids

Novelty Glasses. I really like these because Liam loves rocking a good pair of shades and they seem like they’d have a gender-neutral appeal.

DIY glasses valentines for kids

Playdoh. Again, easy (free printable!) and gender-neutral appeal. Plus, they look really cute when assembled.

DIY playdough valentines for kids

“You Knock My Socks Off”. These might be a little bit harder to accomplish but I thought it was a cute idea, particularly if you buy fun patterned socks.

DIY socks valentines for kids

Kinetic Sand. Liam is obsessed with the kinetic sand he got for Christmas. These mini containers are such a cute and original idea for a child’s valentine.

DIY sand valentines for kids

“Stuck on You”. Stickers were my original idea for a kid-friendly valentine because Liam loves them, but they don’t feel too junky and wouldn’t be a pain to carry home. Plus, he could pick out a few varieties if he wanted.

DIY stickers valentines for kids

What are you doing for school valentines this year? Are you having your child help in the process?

Editor’s Note: We’re preparing for Valentine’s Day on the Family Room blog. Read more posts about Valentine’s day activities and stay tuned! Tomorrow Amy will share more creative homemade valentine ideas for kids in DIY Preschool Valentines: Part 2.


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