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DIY Thanksgiving Crafts: A Recap

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts: A Recap
The Thanksgiving craft projects went very well. As predicted, they did not go according to plan, but we had a great time anyway.

I did a test leaf lantern before attempting the project with my 4-year-old. What a mess…and the leaves turned brown and ugly by day 2. Who knows what I did wrong? The good news is that I had a bunch of tissue paper. So, I cut it into small squares and we used that instead of leaves.

photo 2

My daughter enjoyed painting the jars with glue and I stuck the paper on and added another layer of glue. Then, we played with the leftover tissue (I cut way too much) like a pile of leaves. There was tons of laughing and giggling as we threw the pile into the air and watched it float to the ground….over and over.

photo 1

The place cards were going to be adorable with the turkey thumbprints. But, naps got in the way and we never even did that project. Maybe we’ll do snowmen for our Christmas table.

My favorite project was the turkey. I love how it came out.

photo 3

My daughter cut out all of the feathers and we had a great time reading what the whole family was thankful for while we ate our dessert. My favorites were: mommies, baby dolls, functioning appliances (yes, our oven broke 30 minutes into cooking the turkey!) and family.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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