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DIY Valentines for Kids in Kindergarten Prep

DIY Valentines for Kids in Kindergarten Prep

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I blogged and quite a bit has happened in that time. This little cutie came into the world (she’s 6 months already!) and I completely ran out of time to do things like write blog posts. I do have lots to write about so hopefully things will settle down soon and I’ll have a bit more time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, I suppose).

2015-10-08 11.51.05-1

People always talk about how different it is to be a mom of two and they are right–the chaos is amped up a notch and with competing needs to tend to, I’ve definitely changed the way I operate to accommodate. Take valentines, for example. I always loved putting together cute valentines for Liam’s classmates. His toddler year, I wanted something non-candy so we packaged up these cute little animals. His preschool year, we did cute little packages of stickers.

This year,  Liam is in Kindergarten Prep and officially old enough to have an opinion. He wanted to give his friends his favorite treat–gummy bears. I considered objecting but really, why? Are a small packet of gummy bears really so bad? And, at this point, I think I’d rather candy to some junky toy that I’ll end up stepping on and then throwing away a few days later. Also gummy bears are allergy friendly so there wouldn’t be anyone in his class who wouldn’t be able to enjoy them.

As in years past, I pinned adorable packaging ideas and labels I could make and looked up different types of gummy bear packages that would be cute. Then a bug ran through our house and we got a snow storm. Needless to say, valentines hit the back burner. Instead of a Pinterest perfect project, it was looking like we’d be lucky to get anything done before Valentine’s Day.

Luckily, I found a box of tiny gummy packages online and ordered them thinking we could figure something out for a card to accompany them. They arrived the next day (hooray!) and it looked like two of the tiny bags of gummy bears together would make a great valentine’s treat.

Liam informed me that he would like to write the names of each of his classmates on their valentine. It wasn’t what I’d originally envisioned but I loved the idea. He was never interested in writing at all before he started K Prep and I was thrilled that he wanted to write each classmate’s name. We dug through my craft supplies and found some clear favor bags, scrap paper in different colors and my trusty spool of bakers twine. Together we’ve been doing a few each night and each morning before school so he doesn’t get frustrated or tired from doing too many at a time. Liam has been so cute thoughtfully choosing a color paper for each friend and carefully writing each of their names and signing his own name on the back.

2016-02-09 19.09.42

It’s been a really fun process sitting down to make them with him each night and I love the result. Are they Pinterest perfect? No. But they are far and away my favorite valentines yet because Liam loves them so much and is so excited to give them to his classmates.

2016-02-10 11.20.56

2016-02-10 11.21.34

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