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Help! I Need a Good Photo Storage and Sharing Solution

Help! I Need a Good Photo Storage and Sharing Solution

Something that’s been frustrating me for awhile now is finding a digital photo and storage solution that works for my family and with an upcoming family vacation and new addition on the way I’m sure my photo quota is about to increase. I want to be able to store my photos and share them from the same place. We do have an external hard drive that we keep copies of photos on but after an event I want to be able to plug in my camera (either iPhone or DSLR), have the photos upload (preferably only the news ones that have not been previously uploaded) and either leave them there or share them. I don’t care much about ordering prints or products (I’m happy to upload to separate sites when I need to do that) but I do want to be able to organize by albums according to date or event. Here’s what I’ve tried so far with varying levels of success.

Photo Storage and Sharing Solutions for Families

iPhoto: I have a Mac but don’t want to use  iPhoto because it doesn’t actually save the files and I’m afraid I’ll lose photos before I save them on our external hard drive. I’ve also found it hard to share photos because I don’t use Flickr and neither does anyone else in my family.

Dropbox: I really like the user interface of Dropbox, but the storage is an issue for me. I keep surpassing the free storage limit and don’t really want to pay $120 a year for photo storage if there is a good, free option out there. I know that I have repeat images that are taking up space…I just can’t figure out how to de-dupe my account and unfortunately emails and tweets to customer service haven’t been answered. It’s kind of a bummer because the upload process is easy (though it always tries to upload all the photos as opposed to just new ones), I love the organization and it’s easy to share albums when I want. Maybe I’m just not using the site correctly?

Picasa: This is what I used to use before discovering Dropbox and the introduction of Google+. I don’t plan on using Google+ unless absolutely necessary, nor do I plan to, so I don’t actually think Picasa actually exists as an option for me anymore. I think all the photos get dumped into Google+ now. I do really miss the “upload new” feature that recognized I had photos on my memory card that had already been uploaded.

Snapfish and Shutterfly: These just seem so old fashioned to me now, but if they are the best options, I’m perfectly happy to go back to using them.

Some other factors I should point out:

  • Sony DSLR CameraFacebook is not an option for me. I try not to go on Facebook very often.
  • I’d love auto upload when plugging in my camera but it’s not a necessity.
  • It needs to be a technology that grandparents can understand and have access too. I tried the Dropbox Carousel app but there was lots of confusion and complaining that people without the app couldn’t access the photos and had trouble putting the app on phones with older operating systems. I’m not ready to be IT support in addition to family photographer.


Every time I try to move photos from camera to web I’m ready to pull my hair out. How do you store and share all of your photos? Let me know the pros and cons of the sites you love and hate.

Homemade Family Photo Albums


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  1. Kira June 4, 2014 at 2:41 pm


    I think we have a solution for you! Have you tried Blinkbuggy?!

    Blinkbuggy’s mission is to reinvent the “memory book” for today’s parents by taking the spirit of the traditional memory book and combining it with the power of the internet.

    As parents we are documenting our lives more than ever before and it quickly becomes overwhelming. Today’s parents have 10,000 photos on a hard drive, 1,000 one-off shares on Facebook, 100 related emails and comments from family and close friends, 50 video links on YouTube, etc.

    Blinkbuggy is a technology that helps parents document all life’s moments—both big and small— in one convenient place. Through simple and flexible privacy controls, only you decide what to share and with whom to share it. You control sharing through flexible privacy controls. You can collaborate with family and friends by having them contribute their own memories as well. You can tag your photos as you create them. Lastly, you can enjoy life’s little moments today, and forever, both in the cloud and on your coffee table via custom printed memory books, frames and note cards.

    To get a sense of the look and feel of Blinkbuggy, here’s a peek into a sample memory page:

    If you have any questions about Blinkbuggy or just want to chat, please email me anytime at

    Happy Memories!

    Community Manager & Social Media Strategy

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