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Kindergarten – Day 1

I haven’t written much about my daughter’s transition this fall to Kindergarten.  I don’t know if I was in denial.  Or trying to avoid thinking/writing about all of my angst (how will I manage the schedule as a working mom, what will her teacher be like and will she love her as much as her teachers at Bright Horizons do, will I know what she did all day…the list goes on) – ModernMom, I feel your pain!  Regardless, it happened.  The first day of kindergarten.

My daughter was so excited. Smiling from ear to ear from the moment she got up (except when I insisted on ironing her skirt – these pictures will be in the scrap book, I don’t need my strike against ironing children’s clothes documented forever).  She insisted on going outside to wait about 20 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive.

She got on the bus, and waved goodbye.

Then…I cried.   And quickly ran to the car with my husband and followed the bus to school.

We didn’t go as far as hiding in the bushes to take pictures of her getting off of the bus, but we did park in the back of the parking lot until we knew she’d gotton off of the bus and found her teacher.  Hopefully, day 2 will be easier.

What did you do to ease the transition to kingergarten?

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