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Learning at Home

Several members of my department are hard at work getting ready for our next parent webinar.  The topic, “Growing a Learner: Creating a Learning Culture in Your Home,” I think is a challenge for all parents – and especially working parents.  I want my daughter to learn everything she can.  I want to help her learn it all.  But, I’m a busy working mom who doesn’t have a degree in teaching…and at the end of the day my daughter is exhausted from a long day at child care.  So what am I supposed to do?  Cue the education experts/webinar presenters.

Last week I had an opportunity to listen to a run-through of the presentation, and it did two things for me.  First, it helped me to acknowledge that I really am a good mom and I am already doing a lot to teach my daughter.  It is ok that I am not doing lots of planned activities.  Just asking questions and having a conversation goes a long way.  It made me think a lot about what the late Jim Greenman, former VP of Education, told me was one of the most important questions to ask children – what do you think? Second, it gave me some good tips on how I can really take my role as my daughter’s first teacher to the next level.  When I’m emptying the dishwasher I can make a game out of it – sorting, counting, coming up with ideas for how to use things (for example, what are the things we can peel with a carrot peeler other than a carrot?).  When she is in the bathtub playing with two cups we can practice early math skills by estimating how many times she has to pour from one cup to fill the other.  And, when we are coloring, I can write down her story on the paper so she can work on her early reading skills and associate the spoken word with the written word.

I was also asked to help out by providing a few pictures to go along with some of the activities they are discussing.

It was fun to go through five years of photos and see how much my peanut has really grown!!

So, if you can join the webinar on the 30th, keep your eyes out for my daughter…she’s the cute one with the crazy hair.

Click here to register for “Growing a Learner: Creating a Learning Culture in Your Home.”

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