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Making December Birthdays Special

Making December Birthdays Special

Those of us with December birthdays, especially ones just a few days before Christmas, always run the risk of being forgotten about. The hustle and bustle of the season can make a birthday seem insignificant to everyone except of course the birthday boy or girl. Having grown up with a lifetime of late December birthdays, I have a few tips for parents facing the same situation with their children.

Tips for Making December Birthdays Special

1. Mind the wrapping paper. First and foremost, no birthday gifts wrapped in holiday paper, not even snowflakes or anything that may remotely resemble something used for Christmas gifts. Bright balloons or tacky smiley faces are the perfect paper choice to avoid any confusion.

2. No combo gifts, unless requested by the birthday kid. There were times as I got older that I specifically asked for a combo gift like skiis or an expensive coat. But other than that birthday gifts were separate.

3. Don’t forget the dessert. Of course, there must always be a birthday cake or other favorite dessert requested by the birthday kid. No substituting Christmas cookies or peppermint bark. That being said, I do LOVE peppermint ice cream, which is typically a seasonal treat, so my birthday cake usually involves some kind of peppermint ice cream. I’m ok with that. And yes, I do eat ice cream cake in December.

4. There is always the half-birthday. My son’s Kindergarten teacher celebrated the half birthdays of those kids with summer birthdays. So even with a July 30th birthday, Max was able to celebrate with his classmates. I suppose you could do the opposite and celebrate December birthdays in June. That would break up the gift giving, and make sure the focus of the celebration is in the right place.

Do your kiddos, or do you, have a birthday near a holiday? How do you make sure that time is special and not lost in the holiday shuffle?

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One comment

  1. Organized Mom December 23, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    My nephew’s birthday is 12/26 and honestly getting together for his birthday party a few days to a week or two after Christmas is just one more thing to squeeze into a busy time of year. In fact since we only spend Christmas with my nephew and his family every other year, inevitably Christmas presents are exchanged as well. It’s a lot but the extended family always makes time for it – it’s his birthday!

    One set of grandparents have a tradition of celebrating his actual birthday on 12/26 with Chinese food which is a nice tradition. Last year, as he turned 14 and his sports schedule took over the families life, we didn’t celebrate until EASTER!! He was so sad. Some may say 14 is getting to old to celebrate a child’s birthday but no one is ever too old to have their birthday celebrated!

    I know when he was younger his mom did the 1/2 birthday thing. Personally I thought this was a bit much – 2 birthdays in 1 year but I’m not the mom of a child with a birthday on 12/26. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for everyone. We have a November birthday in our family and that’s hard enough!

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