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Tips for Dyeing Easter Eggs with Kids

Tips for Dyeing Easter Eggs with Kids

I can’t believe Easter is just a few days away. My extended family, which is pretty large, is super into egg-decorating (I know that this might sound crazy) and we always do an egg decorating contest. This contest is primarily for the adults, though in recent years we have allowed some of the kids to participate. We color the eggs the night before Easter and then family members who didn’t color judge them at our family Easter egg hunt (which unlike the decorating is strictly for the age 10 and under crew).

There are so many great ways to color eggs but for kids, I have found the basic Paas egg kit to be the best – but always do the vinegar version. The colors are so much brighter (I know we should probably all use beets but I’m not there yet). Every year, someone in my family buys the glitter kit or the tie dye kit but in our experience, the finished eggs rarely look like the picture on the box. And it seems like the kids are just as happy to stick their eggs in really strong colors and then put stickers on them. The other kits are too complicated for little ones looking for instant gratification. We have also used watercolor paints and paintbrushes and that allows for a little more “active” decorating time.   Otherwise, you can go through a dozen eggs pretty quickly!

If you are looking for some other tips or by some chance you didn’t hear, the craft editors at Martha Stewart Living now have an egg-decorating app. It’s pretty cool. Here are links to some other Easter/spring ideas that I found around the web:




{Image courtesy of Best Home Chef}


  1. Barbara April 21, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Here’s another simple way to color eggs. Hardboil the eggs and let them cool. Meanwhile tear colored tissue paper into little pieces (make sure it is the kind where the color bleeds). Then dip the cool eggs into water and stick the tissue paper to the eggs. Let them dry…a hair dryer will speed up the process if you are impatient like me :). You can leave the paper on the eggs if you wish, or peel off and enjoy the tie-dyed effect. I like this project because I don’t have to mess around with boiling water when I’m working with my little ones…

  2. Crafty Mom April 21, 2011 at 11:06 am

    That’s a great tip Barbara! I love the way tissue paper looks when it’s decoupaged. I almost recommended using watered down glue or Modge Podge to do something similar but didn’t. I’m glad you suggested this idea. Happy Easter!

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