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Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

“My daughter can be pretty picky when it comes to meals, but recently her picky eating habits have also made it challenging to find snacks she’ll eat! Does anyone have healthy snack ideas that kids will try? I’m trying to find some non-junk food snacks to have on hand…” afraser217, Bright Horizons Online Community Member

Do you struggle when it comes to finding easy, healthy snacks for your child – especially if he or she is a picky eater? We asked the Family Room bloggers to share their family-favorite snack ideas for kids. From homemade granola bars to fruit smoothies to PB&J sushi, you’re sure to find some healthy, yet delicious, snack options to give your kids next time they’re looking for something to munch on.

Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Green smoothiesKris-Ann, Progressive Mom: Black bean quesadillas – we eat these every week and the boys often take leftovers for lunch. Whole wheat tortillas, full fat cheddar cheese and black beans. They smear salsa (which is a shocker since they won’t TOUCH veggies ever, but they’ll eat salsa) and full fat plain Greek yogurt on top. Also, they are prepackaged, but my kids also love Cliff Z Bars. And lastly, smoothies. (Editor’s Note: Here’s a fun recipe for Incredible Hulk green smoothies.)

Media Mom: It doesn’t get much easier than whole fruit or baby carrots. But for things I can carry over time in my purse, I like the 100% fruit apple sauce pouches and Fiber One Kids bars. I also still keep containers with dry cereal (Cheerios, Kix and Puffins are my kids’ choices) in my bag even now that my kids are slightly older. They still love it. And I’ll admit to having a Dum Dum lollipop or two in my purse at all times for emergency bribery situations.

Mary, Organized Mom: Apple slices and peanut butter. My daughter eats this everyday after school.

Homemade granola barsAmy, Nourish Mom: Our family’s “go to” for easy snacks is fresh fruit. During the winter, however, the kids tend to not enjoy the “less than ripe” fruit that travels from all over the world. So we also enjoy granola bars, apples with peanut butter, cheese sticks, yogurt, hummus with crackers, dried fruit and nuts. And my toddler son likes to eat kale salad when he’s avoiding his afternoon nap. This happened for real one day.

Bridget, Crafty Mom: Fruit smoothies! My kids love them. Their current favorite is bananas, frozen pineapples, a few spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, a spoonful of honey and some milk to thin it out. Blanched and chilled green beans with low-fat ranch dip made from plain greek yogurt. (Tip: when I make green beans with dinner, I make way more than I need and then I have the leftovers for a snack later in the week)

Yogurt covered strawberriesKate, Rookie Mom: Here are some ideas for easy toddler finger foods and healthy summer snacks that have worked well in my family.

LisaChocolate almond butter on banana slices is a favorite snack in our house.

RuthWe just discovered Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts – great clean car snack. Our one-year-old granddaughter loves them. We also make PB&J Sushi – a fun activity for the kids to make and a delicious snack.


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