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Easy Printable Valentines for Boys and Girls

Easy Printable Valentines for Boys and Girls

I love making Valentine’s Day cards with my kids. I try to keep it simple and age-appropriate like last year when I chose the Wax and Watercolor Hearts project from this list of DIY preschool Valentines to do with my easily-distracted son. But as we close in on Valentine’s Day, I realize that I don’t really have a lot of time to pull together a craft project. I’m a full-time working mom, my dog has been sick so in and out of the vet, and my daughter has a dance competition this weekend (both days!). Plus, I have my own priorities – such as binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix…I mean, doing laundry! In the spirit of editing my life and prioritizing the important stuff, I’m going for easy this year for my son’s preschool class Valentines.

Printable Valentines! There are so many ideas for cute and easy printable Valentine cards for kids on Pinterest. He’s going to love these and maybe I’ll have him practice signing his name this year – which could be a project in itself.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Star Wars Printable Valentines from A Grande Life. Both my children are into Star Wars right now and these cards are too adorable for words. I’m secretly hoping Owen picks these. If not, my daughter just may choose them for herself.

Star Wars Valentines Free Printables

I “Wheelie” Like You Valentines from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things. These are so cute and it would be fun to let Owen pick out cars from the Dollar Store and help put them together.

Matchbox Cars Valentines Free Printable

Dinosaur Valentines from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things. Another great one from Carisa at C.R.A.F.T. I just adore the colors and the simple “You’re DINO-mite” message which is perfect for preschool.

Dinosaur Valentines Free Printables

Rocket Valentines from Sweet Rose Studio. When Owen’s preschool class spent a week learning about space, he was so fascinated by all things in the outer sphere. This is right up his alley!

Rocket Valentines Free Printable

Airplane Valentines from Make Life Lovely. This morning, Owen told me he wanted to be a pilot and fly planes when he grows up. I think that’s a respectable career choice – as are these Valentines.

Airplane Valentines Free Printables

Starburst Star Valentines from It’s Always Autumn. I typically steer away from candy Valentines but this one was too clever not to share. Plus, it would be so fun to potato stamp the star.

Starburst Star Valentines Free Printable

Superhero Valentines from Girl in the Garage. At 6 this morning, my son crawls into bed with his superhero action figures and asks me to play. He’s a big fan. Like the Star Wars Valentine cards, I think these may make it to the top of his list. I like them because they are a little more unique than the store-bought ones.

Super Hero Valentines Free Printable

Slime Valentines from Twin Dragonfly Designs. My son likes anything icky, sticky and slime-y. This Valentine idea is so clever and fun.

Slime Valentine Free Printable

Frog “Hoppy” Valentines from Wine and Glue. Owen loves playing with the little toys on my desk and these hopping frogs would make him so happy. Plus, this idea is so simple and cute!

Frog Hoppy Valentines Free Printables


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