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Edamame for Breakfast

Edamame for Breakfast

Today’s post was written by Emily Saunderson, a Bright Horizons employee and mom to two daughters:

What do weekdays morning look like in our house? They’re serene. My kids are well-behaved and I always feel on top of all that has to get done so we can get out the door.

Ha! I wish. In reality, our mornings are nutty. They’re more like a three-ring circus. In fact, some days I’m surprised we even make it out of the house. Take a recent morning as an example:

6:10 – My 3-year-old, Hannah, climbs into my bed and announces that she’d like edamame for breakfast. Yes, that’s right. Edamame. She also tells me that despite her best effort (i.e. shaking the bed) Sissy doesn’t want to wake up.

6:15 – Coffee. I need all of the coffee. I head right to the kitchen.

6:18 – While defrosting the edamame, my 8-year-old, Fiona, sneaks up behind me. I bump into her, jump a mile. Not a second goes by, and Fiona is now glaring at her younger sister, who, “WOKE ME UP!”

6:23 – Edamame is served, and Sissy goes back to bed. Ahh. Peace is truly in the separation.

6:30 – Coffee mug in hand, I make request #1 for the kids to get dressed.

6:35 – I hear laughter coming from my room. I peak in and my girls are in my closet trying on my shoes and giggling hysterically.

6:40 – Oh right. I should get myself ready. I realize it’s now too late for me to take a shower and wash my hair – so, I guess it’s a quick shower and pony tail for me today.

6:50 – Time for Dad to take off for work. He says good-bye and starts to head out the…Nope, too soon. Suddenly tears are flowing and hugs are needed.

Edamame for breakfast

6:55 – “Are you getting DRESSED?!” 2nd request for kids to get dressed yelled out while I’m getting dressed myself. Hannah is still working on her edamame which I notice is also all over the table and floor.

7:05 – Fiona is now doing gymnastics in the living room (naturally). She’s still in her pajamas. When asked again what she wants for breakfast, she replies with the same refrain: “I don’t know.” 3rd request for her to get dressed.

7:08 – “MOM!” My girls call me into their shared room to review the outfits they’ve picked out. Stripes, polka dots and floral. Looks great ladies.

7:10 – My 3-year-old who is newly potty trained, is now naked and running around demanding M&M’s because she’s gone poop. I dole out two to BOTH girls because my oldest insists only giving a treat to Hannah “IS NOT FAIR!”

7:12 – 7:15 – I try again with breakfast. What does my 8-year-old want to eat? Cereal. Hold the milk. Both girls are dressed and sitting at the table. (Victory!) But the edamame has been abandoned, and Hannah wants cereal too…but WITH milk…until she sees that Sissy has it without milk…and then she doesn’t want milk either.

7:26 – “Where’s your homework?” I ask as I gather up backpacks,“Do I need to sign this?…“Is it gym today?”…”Are you sure the teacher said it was OK to bring that to school?”…“And WHY do you need all these hair bands???”

7:30 – 7:35 – We’re on to putting on shoes and coats. Hannah has now decided she wants to change her pants. “I don’t want these pants. I don’t like these pants,” she proclaims. There’s no convincing her otherwise…so we go change her pants. 2nd request to get shoes and coats on.

7:37 – Fiona is doing handstands with one shoe on. (Silly me, of course, now is the perfect time to practice gymnastics.)

7:42 – Coats and shoes are all on. Let’s get out the door!

7:47 – Everyone is buckled into the car, ready to go.  “I DO IT!” Hannah insists on buckling her car seat herself.

7:50 – Fiona is dropped off at elementary school.

8:10 – Hannah is dropped off at preschool.

8:20 – I pull into my office’s parking lot, exhausted but ready to start my (work)day. As I settle in, it dawns on me: I never did clean up the edamame mess.

Edamame for breakfastI am many things to many people, but my favorite role of all, is as mom to my two girls, ages 8.5 and 3. I have pendulum swung between being a work-aholic mom and a stay-at-home mom and am currently trying to find the right balance of both worlds one day at a time. I’m pretty good at not sweating the small stuff and use the quote “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” from Ralph Waldo Emerson to guide me through life.



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  1. Tosha L. April 25, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    Love this! I can totally picture the whole scene – and getting out the door with a kid (much less two) is definitely a scene). Can’t wait for the next post…

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